Why Does My Washing Machine Smell ?

We use washing machines for laundry purposes i.e. to clean our clothes so that they don’t look dirty and others don’t feel weird smell when they come near us. But many times machine itself gets dirty and some weird smell starts coming out of it. Most people generally don’t understand why does washing machine smell. There may be many reasons for this smell, some of them are:

  1. Bacteria:

When you don’t clean your machine occasionally, some bacteria coming right from your clothes get stuck in the inner drum of the machine. As their population increase after each wash, the smell increases.

  1. Soap Scum:

This is more common than the above one, Small particles of the soap get stuck in many parts of a machine and as time passes they become the reason of egg-like smell. This can be prevented if you clean the machine and especially the soap/detergent drawer.

  1. Poor Drainage:

When something is wrong with your drainage system, it will affect your machine’s hygiene. It is often noted that mall pieces of soap get stuck in the drainage pipes. They prevent the water to pass through them as well as they become the reason for a bad smell.

  1. Water Remains in the Door Seal:

When the machine stops spinning, you take out the semi-dry clothes thinking that all the water is drained through the drainage pipe. But that is not the case; some water gets stuck in the door seal. This water if not cleaned can create molds and bacteria which can be bad for both the machine and the clothes you wash in it.

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