The History of Bocce

The game of bocce has been played around the world for longer than you probably realize. The earliest forms of lawn bowling began in ancient Egypt, roughly 7,000 years ago. Since then, the game has moved onto Greece, the Roman Empire, Holland, France, Italy, and beyond. Bocce was also banned several times throughout history by politicians who thought it was too much of a diversion. While bocce is now governed by two international bodies, it still remains a very flexible game. Regulation games are played to a total of 12 points, but non-regulation games played to 10, 15, and 21 points remain popular as well. Learn more about the roots of bocce so you can impress your friends with your knowledge of the game. We hope you’ll find that knowing bocce’s history makes you feel more connected to the game, and able to enjoy it on a deeper level.

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What’s the Difference Between Credit Card and Debit Card?

Both credit cards and debit cards are plastic cards that people can use to make transactions and withdraw money from the ATM, albeit in different ways. The two cards are remarkably similar, but they have their differences due to how the payments are handled.

Cardholders can use credit cards to borrow money from the bank and make purchases through installment plans, online, and others. Since people can only use credit cards by borrowing from a line of credit, there’s lesser worry about getting hacked and losing money.

Credit cards are also different from debit cards since people can only build up a good credit score from the former. The risk of using credit cards is minimized as long as the cardholder can detect any questionable expenditures made with the card by checking their statements and reporting them directly to the bank.

The debit card handles money differently since cardholders use the funds deposited into their account for their expenses and withdrawals. Debit cards are perfect for controlling people’s bad spending habits evident with credit card users who max out their credit limit since debit cards keep people from spending money they don’t have.

Debit cards are also suitable for cash withdrawals

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What Is Cut Edge Corrosion?

Many people in the business of sheet metal profiles face a common problem of cut edge corrosion. Over some time, corrosion reduces the quality of the sheets. It breaks down the existing coating which serves as a protection at the sheet’s edges. Seamsil helps treat the corrosion and rust at the cut edges.

Perhaps, you do not even know what it means when your metal sheets start degrading. It merely means that a cut edge corrosion is taking place. Here are the basics of cut edge corrosion and how to get rid of it with seamsil.

Health Education

“Health is wealth”. Why is the health  is the most important part of our?. Health is a complete state of  both physical and mental activities. We should follow some healthy habits in our regular activities. Health is nothing but includes all concern about the happy living.

How Climbing Boosts Child Development

Few schools are lucky enough to possess their own climbing facilities, and of those that do, even fewer happen to have teachers with Climbing Wall Instructor qualifications. However, as rock climbing has grown in popularity over the years, more and more schools are recognising the huge potential that climbing can have for their students’ development and wellbeing.

Here at Rock and Rapid Adventures, we’ve been observing the benefits of climbing for children for many years, whilst leading our school activity sessions, kids’ climbing clubs and school residentials in North Devon. So, whether you’re a parent looking for a well-rounded after school activity for your child, or a teacher searching for something a little bit different for this term’s P.E. lessons, check out our infographic to find out the key ways in which climbing benefits children, with some fascinating statistics from studies in schools!

Points to remember before choosing a DIY boatyard

Buying and maintaining a sailboat is always a costlier one. For many owners surviving at sea has become a cash flow issue and it is overcome by do-it-yourself efforts. Boat owners always contend the boatyard restrictions and their pricing which includes taxes, labor cost, and insurance cost. These things are the important demerits of using normal boatyards.

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14 Ways To Get Your Clients to Pay Your Invoices Faster

Give Clients Less Time To Pay
Research from a leading accounting software provider shows that just over 40% of businesses now typically ask for payment within 7 days.

Make Paying Early an Attractive Option
People love saving money and the lure of a 3% discount will prompt some of your clients to pay by the earlier date.

Penalize Late Payment
It’s also important to impose a late payment fee and to make this clear within your contract & invoice.

Issue Your Invoices as Fast as Possible
Issue an invoice as soon as practically possible. Don’t wait until the end of the month or the week. Aim for same day invoicing.

Accommodate a Variety of Payment Options
Clients differ in their preferred payment options so try and offer as wide a range of payment options as possible.

For New Clients Consider Asking For An Upfront Payment
To reduce risk, consider asking new clients for a third of the invoice at the onset of the project and the remainder after completion.

Ensure Payment Terms are Clearly Conveyed in the Contract
Payment Terms need to be stipulated clearly in the contract and key parts listed in each invoice.

Review Your Accounts Receivable Regularly
Tracking invoices and accounts receivable should be done weekly preferably utilising accounting software that automates much of the process.

Halt Work If Client Considerably Behind With Payments
If a client is considerably behind in their payments then you should halt further work.

Ensure Your Invoices Have All Necessary Information
Reduce payment delay by ensuring your invoices include a clear description of the work, date it was provided, client information such as a purchase order number & contact person, due date, and exact instructions about how they can pay.

Use Accounting Software to Streamline the Whole Process
Accounting software such as Quickbooks or Xero make it easy for you to create an invoice online, send your client a secure link to it, & for the client to easily make payment from the invoice itself.

Written Quote Accepted By Both Parties
If you have provided a written quote at the beginning of the work, which both parties have agreed to, then this will remove the possibility of miscommunication and misunderstanding when the final invoice does arrive.

Direct Staff Contact Details on Invoice
In case the client does have queries about the invoice, make it easy for them to get in touch with you by including the direct phone number of the appropriate staff member on the invoice.

Send Invoice to the Right Person
In larger businesses the person who you deal with on a day-to-day basis is likely to be different to the person who actually pays your invoice. Make sure you find out exactly who you need to send the invoices to.

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Debunking the 5 Common Metal Roofing Myths

Renovation plays a big role in the market industry. Since it is what a house needs when the parts of it are starting to deteriorate. Constructing something, especially a house is an important thing to be thought about. From its materials, the contractor, the workers and the plan that needs to be performed must be taken seriously. Starting from its foundation, its walls, its windows, to its roof must come from good quality materials.

Most especially the roof itself since it is the main line of the house’s protection.

Metal Roofing is a roofing system that is usually made from tiles or metal materials. The most common materials that are being used are copper, zinc, and steel alloys. That it has a high resistance, impermeability, and it lasts longer than any roofing materials.

However, although it was launched in the public in 1857, its publicity was more on negative impact than positive. Since there has been a lot of mythical sayings that has been buzzing throughout the residential area.

Any homeowner are already aware of these myths about metal roof. Like “metal roofs attract lightning,” or “metal roofs look unattractive.” That it refrains them from buying one for their house.

Nevertheless, if you are one of those people who wants to know the truth than being blinded by a retold story from someone. Then it is time to debunk those metal roofing proverbs and know the truth behind it.

It is much better to be knowledgeable about the fact than gossips.

Nonetheless, Fahey Roofing Contractors created and designed the infographic below. It contains the 5 common metal roofing myths and they have added the truth behind it.

A complete guide to writing best law assignments

Law assignments are tough and there is no denying that. Even your university and professors know that and they don’t expect you to write the best quality assignments from day 1. We have seen many students collapse because of the pressure and score poor grades that have compromised their overall scores as well. There are many reasons why it happens and we cannot possibly solve all of those issues. However, what we can do is that we can provide you the best law assignment help so that you can write the best paper in your class and score the perfect grades.

Different Types Of Roof Survey

Leakages and damages caused by weather conditions are avoidable. An accurate and thorough roof inspection pays as it will spot these damages quickly and save you a lot of money. Roof surveys are generally cheaper than a complete change of the roof when wind and water damage it. So, to get the most out of roof inspection, it is important that you are aware of the type of survey you need. Below, we have prepared for you a comprehensive list of different types of roof surveys that will enable you to understand them better and decide which is right for you.