Efficient Mobile WorkForce During The #COVID-19

Vitel Global Communications aims to meet the growing demand for consistent business communication tools for various companies worldwide. To provide an efficient mobile workforce during COVID-19, Vitel Global offers flexibility and provides communication services that can simplify mobile workforce management. We offer the best technology that enables the workforce members to be proactive and improve their productivity.

We ensure the effectiveness of your business with Vitel Global Mobile’s suite that allows a perfect collaboration of all the tools, including HD audio and video calling, chat, voicemail, thorough a single mobile interface, regardless of location. Our CRM link helps you to retain more customers, as it integrates business communication into a better office environment to improve agent productivity.

Therefore, the Vitel Global CRM link is useful to increase call efficiency, redefining the customer’s experience. You don’t need to toggle between different tools to perform essential sales activities, as Vitel Global provides a powerful integration where you can easily set up and configure the API and enjoy swift phone calls and auto-dial features. With Vitel Global mobile app, you have flexible, reliable, and secure CRM / ATS integration. Although, you can make calls from any device and any location. We also provide the best management and customizations with which you can perform automated tracking via call reports.

Hence, we let you enjoy absolute control over your company’s business process and assist you in upgrading your employees. With our tracking system, you can access live call reports where you can track and manage your agent’s calls effectively. Then, you have better insights and will be able to generate powerful reports that can further help you in proper analysis and highlight the variations, if any, and make essential decisions that prove profitable for your company. Hence, integrate your business applications with our phone system for the efficient mobile workforce.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions – Top 6 Solutions

There are now estimated 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world that is 60% of the world population and by 2025 this number will go up to 80%. #EnterpriseMobility is all about taking your business to the next level. Enterprise mobility solutions must be the priority for any organization which has the workforce outside the office premises. This infographic displays the advantages of Enterprise Mobile Application. Are you looking to develop one such application? Reach us at info@optisolbusiness.com

Marketing Attribution Guide

Marketing attribution is aimed at determining which channels and messages that compelled a customer to move to the next stage in the growth marketing funnel. It could be they interacted with brand messages or clicks on an article before visiting product pages or making a purchase.

Marketers use many different approaches to track marketing attribution, ranging from basic and single-factor models to advanced models. In this infographic, we break down the 4 most common marketing attribution models that are used in the industry.

US Consumer Sentiment Survey in respect of Coronavirus Email Messaging

Do consumers in the US feel that brands are using COVID-19 as an excuse to spam their subscribers? Do people feel they are getting too much irrelevant coronavirus related email? This and other questions were answered in a recent consumer sentiment survey in relation to email marketing and the current crisis facing the worlds population and hitting the US harder than many. The first results are now in.

“Do you feel brands have sent you too many Coronavirus/Covid-19 related emails?” was the questions posed to thousands of Americans online over the weekend of the 15th-18th of March, there were over 500 who chose to respond. The survey has shown a clear divide in how email marketing efforts during the crisis have been perceived differently not just by the genders but by age as well.

The overall results when not drilling down by age, region or sex make a winner too close to call. This infographic highlights some of the surveys most interesting findings.

Source: emailexpert

Smart Routing of IVR During #COVID-19

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a technique of smart routing that is useful to route the callers to the appropriate agent. Vitel Global Communications comes up with smart routing of IVR system that increases the sales, improves customer’s support and helps to maintain efficient billing.

Interactive Voice Response of Vitel Global Communications gives your business a personalized experience of smart routing of IVR during COVID-19 that can route your business callers to the exact destination without any delay. It acts as a telephony menu on the call that suggests relative options from which callers can choose and access the appropriate solution for their concerns. Our IVR system is developed, by keeping in mind the latest technology and users’ requirements, that can be considered as a perfect match for your agents, as it will enable them to be more specific at the time of user interaction and at providing them with a relevant resolution. It can assist your agents during high volume calls, as they get prioritized calls according to their area of expertise.

Therefore, our smart IVR system helps to maintain better customer relationship management and increase business revenue. As per its appropriateness, it reduces time spent in gathering caller’s information and transferring the call to another agent.

Vitel Global offers the intelligent routing of IVR that increases the customer’s satisfaction and customer service efficiency. As the callers get the right agent on call, it enhances first contact resolution and eliminates the problem of repetition of the same queries. With our smart routing of IVR, we have tried to replace availability with speciality, as the callers will not only get the available agent but the best agent according to the specifications of the query. Hence, try Vitel Global’s IVR system to assist your business to increase sales, enhance customer service and efficient billing.

Quick Steps to Restore Your Home from Fire Damage

Fire damage is one of the most traumatic disasters every property owners face. People who have already experienced with the fire damage will know how difficult is to get back the lives to normal from the fire damage. Without quick actions, the damages can’t be controlled. So, it is important to know how to address the fire damage quickly and efficiently. The best choice for this is to hire one fire damage restoration contractor. They have very much experience in handling those damages and will restore the property as soon as possible.

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Why rely on an IT Staffing Partner?

A proficient IT Staffing Partner can help organizations in finding the right talent for short term contract jobs as well as permanent jobs catering to their varying hiring needs.

An experienced IT staffing firm has a team of expert recruiters who have extensive experience in IT Staffing and has a large network of active and passive candidates.

A veteran IT recruitment agency streamlines the recruiting process to eliminate the hiring time and hiring risks. IT consultants basically simplify the entire hiring process. So that you can completely depend on them for all the recruitment-related tasks and focus on your core business operations.

Top 5 Business Intelligence Challenges & Solutions

Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting usable information that helps in the executives, managers, and other corporate end-users make informed business decisions. Here we are pointing the top 5 business intelligence challenges faced by every organization and the way how organizations can overcome these challenges.

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Top 5 HVAC Supply Companies

Here’s a list of top 100 HVAC suppliers in the USA in 31 states that you can get your hard-to-find HVAC parts.
Has your HVAC system broken down? Looking for the right supplier to source HVAC parts?

We got a lot of requests from people asking “which are the top HVAC supply stores near me?” Here’s a list of top 100 HVAC suppliers in the USA in 31 states that you can get your hard-to-find HVAC parts.

I hope you find this useful. In case you are looking for HVAC parts online, drop a message at Get My Parts and you shall get the next HVAC part delivered at the doorsteps.

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Asbestos removal

The pleasant method for Asbestos removal whereas remodeling your house is to lease Asbestos deduction professionals. There location unit masses of Asbestos deduction contractors gift the army for the anodyne deduction of the amphibole containing instrumentality. However, a few preventative events and tips need to be full to ensure absolute anodynety at some point of the obligation of amphibole deduction.
The name and therefore the regard of the institution present the overhaul is of maximum importance to the human beings World Health Organization choose to take away Asbestos removal whereas remodeling the residence. accomplice toughened and skillful skilled World Health Organization is well ready with the protective accessories much like the respirators and protective glasses need to use.
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Infographic: Psychology Behind Colors

When it comes to branding color theory and the psychology behind those colors are important. Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur looking for a logo design or rebranding an established business it’s crucial to give color choice some careful thought. GraphicSprings put together an infographic identifying the big eight brand colors and the meaning and associated perception for each. For example green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and fertility while black would be associated with elegance, power and formality. Before you hire a graphic designer for your next project, or design your own, study this infographic to make sure you choose the right color to speak to your core demographic.

Is aragonite the purest form of calcium carbonate?

Aragonite is one of the types of calcium carbonate crystal that occurs in both fresh and marine water systems.  This aragonite is formed due to biological and chemical processes that occur naturally in seawater. It is one of the three commonly known forms of calcium carbonate. The other two common forms are calcite and vaterite. To know more details about calcium carbonate visit https://pisacarolina.com/

Tender Writing – The best 5 tips for a Quality Tender Application

Red Tape Busters is a leading tender writing company in Australia. Our Consultants have significant experience in either working in high level Government positions, or have experience in high level research positions preparing complex reports, proposals, feasibility studies and submissions. For more information, please visit – http://bit.ly/2zcO7xW