What Are Red Eyes?

The term red eyes can relate to the number of different things. Either the white of the eye becomes blood red which is the area where number of pink or red lines appear or it may appear pink or little red.

Red eyes usually don’t have any symptoms but there might be itchiness, pain, or dryness in the eyes. Red eyes can affect one or both eyes and needs further investigation if any other symptoms being noticed.

There might be some simple as well as serious causes of red eyes, so it’s better to get an appointment for an eye test with your opticians. Sometimes the lines on the white of the eye become red due to the dilation of minuscule blood vessels, as a result, they swell up and become visible.

Some simple causes of red eyes include eye tiredness, allergies, eye infection, using contact lenses for a long time etc. which can be rectified with proper treatment from the opticians.

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