Video Conferencing Solutions for Education, E-Learning

Video Conferencing Solutions for Education, especially the cloud version has helped self-paced eLearning evolve into a new magnitude. PeopleLink’s Video Conferencing Solutions for education is by far the leading tool for improved virtual learning and communication between faculties, students, parents and staff members. Our endeavor in the field of unified communication has helped in bridging he gap between the knowledge and the aspiring learner.

The educator’s perspective

If you run an educational entity or even are an individual educator, your basic aim is to see more and more students taking advantages of the knowledge you impart. Our video collaboration platform helps you set-up a remote connection with your students. Our conferencing tool can easily integrate with any third party hardware devices preinstalled at your institute or home. Public/Private Chat options, feedback sharing, SCORM compliant LMS, interactive whiteboards for initiating two-way communications, real-time media sharing, Live streaming of convocations, alumni meetings, reunions through Managed Media Services helps educators or institute create a powerful learning atmosphere for their students.

The learner’s perspective

PeopleLink’s Video Conferencing Solutions for education has offered students the flexibility to time education as per their requirements. Some learners may be professionals who have to adjust learning within their busy schedules. Some students may long for a course that isn’t available around their current demographic location. Our audio/video collaborative services help students beat the demographic constraints. They can join from any device at any time they like. They can have group or individual discussion sessions, exchange rich media and information, give and receive feedback through this unique communicative medium. Our conferencing solutions have an inbuilt recording system in a non-proprietary format which helps in creating a Digital Library comprising of recordings of classes held earlier for the students to access later. So, no more mourning over classes you couldn’t attend.