Tips to avoid ID Theft while on vacation

Identity theft incidents are on the rise yet again. They are the reason why we rush to call up our banks as soon as we lose our wallet, they are the reason we change our passwords and they are the reason we breathe a sign of relief when we hear about ID theft and it’s not us who are affected.
We are sure that anyone who gets their hands on enough of our personal information might use our credit cards for making purchases, commit fraud and/or ruin our reputation by pretending to be us. With the increased popularity of the internet, the practice of identity theft has boomed alongside and is more sophisticated every year. People’s identities are now being stolen while they are sitting at home doing nothing. Identity thieves may steal your personal information from the web, or social networking sites, or they may hack into your device using their own Wi-Fi network, or the combination of internet sources.
All in all, it is an unwelcome scenario to anyone. We look at a few cases of Identity Theft to illustrate how crafty the ID thieves have gotten and how dire the consequences might be to an unsuspecting internet browser.