Pros and Cons of Popular Wood Materials For Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Replacing kitchen cabinets is an expensive choice in giving your kitchen a fresh new look, and it can quickly burn away your budget for the entire renovation project. Refacing is a cheaper and more flexible alternative than buying an entirely new set as you have the freedom to choose your style and preference for your cabinet.

Thanks to the variety of wood to choose from, you have the freedom to choose which to use as the material for the refacing project depending on what you like, but it can be tough picking one from the other.

The most popular wood choices are the red oak wood, white oak wood, pine wood, cherry wood, maple wood, walnut wood, alder wood, and the hickory wood which has different characteristics as well as pros and cons. Some are inexpensive but not resistant to warping or damages, some others are expensive but durable, while others have balanced strengths and weaknesses.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing’s infographic gives details on the pros and cons of popular wood materials for kitchen cabinet refacing.