OBD2 Scanners Buying Guide

Our PCE-OBD-II Automotive Diagnostic Equipment / Scanner is a high-quality drive useful for most automakers. This diagnostic equipment/scanner does not need a laptop.

The connection is made with the cable included in the delivery. It is therefore straightforward to read the error path. The selected values are displayed directly on the screen. Since the automotive diagnostic equipment/scanner incorporates an error table, many of these errors are described in text form.

This feature, combined with simple operation with seven keys, allows uninitiated personnel to use the automotive diagnostic scanner. The reader helps you in diagnosing errors on cars. Check the condition of your vehicle yourself before taking it to a garage for a check. It will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Vehicle diagnostic equipment is also used in repair garages. This machine can read data in real time during operation. You can view these data with the error codes on the large graphic display 160 x 105 pixels. These have represented as a table or graph. Optionally, you can view the data through a connection to a PC.

During a real-time reading of the various sensor data, the equipment allows you to make changes to display the most representative data, such as the temperature of the air intake, the air mass, Air, engine speed, refrigerant temperature, vehicle speed, etc. Depending on the type of vehicle, there is additional data that can be read in real time.

The real-time playback function can be set individually, which is why you can specify the data you want to view on the screen. This equipment is suitable for all vehicles manufactured since 1996 with OBD II / EOBD / JOBD. The automotive diagnostic scanner reads all error codes (general and manufacturer specific).

Infographic by Wlap.org