How to Pick the Best Diamond for your Budget

If you desire for a perfect diamond shape but are afraid to leave holes in your pocket? Well, you are in the right place. Because we share our tips on how to weigh affordable diamond cost suitable for your budget.


First is to assess the carat. The carat is used to refer to the weight of the diamond. Some think that carat refers to the size – well, change that notion instead. The diamond carat is exactly equal to 0.2 grams. The term is not only applied to diamonds but also with many gemstones. When it is cut poorly and may look smaller even if it is a high carat, you can get it on the affordable price.


Next, is seeing the cut grade. It is the most important among the 4C’s in distinguishing the overall appearance of the diamond. A well-cut diamond has a slightly lower color but appears quite beautiful because of its sparkles and brilliance. Another one is the color which affects the value. If the diamond is less color the greater its worth.


Lastly is the clarity. Although the clarity is the least important as it affects the value of the diamond because if diamonds have blemishes and inclusions can lower the diamonds standards.