How to Fight a Ransomware Attack

A ransomware attack is the single biggest threat to digital security to any business or individual that occurred recently. A computer can be infected by ransomware in several different ways, but the most common methods are through malicious emails and websites.

Any legitimate-looking emails or websites may secretly contain the virus in their system. Once you made the mistake of clicking links or visiting the wrong site, it can encrypt your data, and any vital personal files and folders become inaccessible.

After the victims discover what happened, the cybercriminal would eventually demand a ransom for the lost files being held hostage by the attacker.

More than the financial loss from paying the ransom, victims of a ransomware attack could experience financial loss from loss of productivity, IT costs, legal fees, network modifications, and the purchase of credit monitoring services for employees or customers.

Rather than paying a ransom, it would be more cost-effective for you to take preventative steps like the ones listed in this infographic by Landau Consulting to avoid even the possibility of becoming a ransomware attack victim.