Data Mining: Techniques and Applications

Data mining is an umbrella term for a number of data extraction processes, which mine useful information from different sources. The mining professionals are equipped with advanced search tools that allow them to mine relevant information to clients. As the infographic from points out, the two popular data mining techniques include automated data mining and manual data mining. Automated data mining is a commonly use mining technique where scripts aid the extraction process. Automated data mining is widely used in diverse fields, from e-commerce, recruitment agencies to lead generation firms. Mining professionals employ the alternative method, or the manual data mining method, when the automation tools fail to deliver results. This process requires operators to explore web-based resources and scanned documents for mining data, which are assembled into a structured format. Many financial institutions and universities find this technique useful. The infographic also highlights the major applications of data mining; some major sectors that use mining include e-commerce, the stock market, manufacturing etc.