Common Mistakes in Import and Export Business (Infographic)

   The import and export business play a vital role to consumers that are into online shopping, and with today’s trend of comfortably shopping, different companies are starting to emerge and promote better service to the consumers. While the import/export business may be highly attractive to those who want to start a business with great potentials to generate significant revenues, not playing your cards right or making small mistakes can cause you to lose a substantial portion of your import/export business.

   To help you with the do’s and don’ts in the import and export business, here are some of the things that you should avoid:

  •    Lack of Knowledge in Import and Export Regulation – Promoting your company has become the purest form of introducing what you can do for your consumers, but by not knowing the purpose of your company in the import and export business may sound a little off on how the public will accept your service. It is only wise to understand the implemented codes and procedures about by the Bureau of Customs to better equip your consumers on how you’re legitimate your company is in the import and export industry.
  •    Hiring an Incompetent or Unexperienced Customs Broker – With the various fraud that is spread everywhere, it is only essential to make things right with your business by hiring trustworthy and passionate workers that can see the same view as you in your business. When choosing a customs broker, you should be sure to ask for references from other companies the size of your own and follow up with them to find out how their experience with the broker was.

To give you more knowledge about what should be avoided in the import and export business today, kindly check the infographic below created by Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistics Corporation.