The Germiest Places in your Kitchen

If you think of places in your house with the most germs, the bathroom is probably the first place that comes to mind. However, there’s a good chance that you’re overlooking one of the germiest places in your house, the kitchen. These germs are spread between the cookware and appliances such as blenders, kitchen sinks, and kitchen faucets. This infographic covers the top ten items in the kitchen with the most germs. The #1 item being the water dispenser on the refrigerator and #10 the insulating seal on the refrigerator. It then gives a brief overview of what you need to know about germs in your kitchen and where they can be found most often. A few common bacterias that are found in this area of the home are coliform, yeast, mold, and staphylococcus. Overall, this explains all you need to know about the common germs found in your kitchen.

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10 Houseplants that Keep Bugs Away

The top ten houseplants that help keep some of the creepy crawlies away are reviewed in this infographic. It breaks down the advantages of having each plant in the home and what bugs it keeps away. The mosquito is the most popular within the list of bugs that are kept away from these plants. According to our research, all of the following plants keep mosquitos away: basil, lavender, lemongrass, marigold, peppermint, rosemary, sage bush, catnip, and venus flytraps. Other bugs that are kept away from the indoor plants are fleas, moths, beetles, and spiders. Overall, this is a complete list of plants that keep bugs away.

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Future Kitchens of Tomorrow

Smart kitchen appliances like smart dishwashers and fridges will help to make your life better with alerts, notifications, and control of your devices from outside your home. A lot of these smart devices are even available today. Check the trends on the kitchens of the future using the Internet of Things and smart kitchen appliances from this infographic.

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Selling A House with Pets

Americans love their pets. There are approximately 70 million pet dogs in the US and more than 74 million cats according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. As much as we love these animals, they can make selling a house more challenging. You’ll need to clean up after them, make sure they are not home during a showing, and repair any damages the pets may have caused prior to selling. These steps will help you prep your home to sell if you have pets.

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Safety Tips for your Kitchen

House is considered as one the safest places for your family, but the question is, are you sure that it is safe enough for everyone?

A plethora of dangerous and harmful tools can be found in this area, and you’ll never know what could happen next unless you prepared for it.

It is not only the cleanliness that you should know but also the safety of your whole family.

Here are some tips on how to be safe at your kitchen:

Keep all the flammable objects away from your stove. Things might not always go your way. You should think in advance with the possible outcomes of your actions.

Keep all the sharp object, including knives and cutting tools away. Better use of a drawer or a rack in keeping your sharp objects away from your kids.

Keep your kitchen floor dry and clean. Don’t let those liquid spills slip you down on the floor. Severe injuries may happen to anyone.

Be sensitive to your foods. Don’t let leftover foods stay uncover, especially for those that are sensitive put it on your fridge. A safe kitchen should come up with safe foods.

Have a complete first-aid kit and emergency numbers. In case of emergency, it is important to have a first aid kit to lessen further effects of the accident while the authorized emergency assistance is on its way.

For more details on how to keep your kitchen safe as always, check out Mr Cabinet Care infographic.

Eco-Friendly Roofing Options

When choosing the best roofing materials, most people would normally look for some factors that will benefit them in the long run such as the design, affordability, and durability. While there is nothing wrong with considering these factors, it also important for everyone to know that our world is slowly changing over the course of time. Pollution is on the rise, and we are now slowly feeling the effects of global warming and climate change. It is the time where we should help protect our environment in any means necessary so that the future generations can enjoy it’s beauty and wonders the way we are enjoying it today.

Believe it or not, there are almost unlimited ways where you can help to conserve our mother earth. Even the way you purchase things can be pretty crucial in making a change. Of course for this topic, it includes the way you choose your roofing materials. As mentioned before, people prioritize more on cost and performance. But this is also a good opportunity to prefer some options that are absolutely eco-friendly and at the same time, retain some of the benefits that you need to have the best roof for your establishment that you truly deserve.

To learn more about these eco-friendly roofing options, take a look at this infographic below by Fahey Roofing.

Tips for Making Your Home Winter Proof

Winter is one of the most exciting time of the year as it completes the holiday season vibes that many people enjoy and love. However, depending on which region you live, the winter season can be the harshest and most relentless time of the year, especially for homes.  It is during this season when houses are more susceptible to various issues and structural problems, such as mildew buildup, frozen pipes, and overused heating systems which ultimately leads to higher energy bills.

In order to avoid such issues, save time, and enjoy the winter season as much as possible, it is imperative that you do all the necessary preparations for your home before the temperatures drop.

One of the prep work you can do to make sure your home is winter-ready is first to ensure that your heating systems are operationally efficient. Thousands of homes across the US, especially those that were built 60 years ago, have insufficient heating systems. Many homeowners are unaware of this, but this often not because of a faulty heater, but because of cracks and crevices around their home. Such structural issues cause heat loss of up to 40% – a significant waste considering the amount of energy that heating systems use during the winter season.

Another area you should check once the winter starts is the drainage around your house. It is very important that drainage direct the water away from the house in order to avoid saturated soil around the house which are likely to cause problems once the winter season begins. Check if there are low areas at the perimeter of your house and fill them with soil to ensure that water is getting directed away from the house.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, is to make sure all your household fire alarm systems are working properly. Ironic as it may sound, but the winter season is the most common time of the year for accidental fires. Fireplaces, overworked electrical outlets, and non-functional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are the common reasons for fire incidents during this season.

Of these three, the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are commonly overlooked the most. If you have one installed, make sure to test them and equip them with fresh batteries. It’s also advisable to retain the expertise of an HVAC inspector to ensure that your furnace and water heater are properly ventilated and to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

To provide your more insights, here are the key takeaways of the infographic from All County Exteriors, which details some helpful tips to ensure your home is safe and ready for the winter season.

  1. Keep your gutters clean.
  2. Upgrade your windows.
  3. Seal any cracks or leaks on your walls and foundations.
  4. Seal the gaps around door frames and windows.
  5. Pay attention to your roof.
  6. Talk to a professional home contractor.

To learn more about the reasons behind these tips and how you can implement them, check out the full infographic below.

Get better privacy and energy efficiency by installing plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the best home improvement products to cover your windows.  Investing in these products will give you a good appearance for your home. Plantation shutters are also one of the best options to protect your privacy and improve energy efficiency in your living space. For more information, visit

Pros and Cons of Popular Wood Materials For Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Replacing kitchen cabinets is an expensive choice in giving your kitchen a fresh new look, and it can quickly burn away your budget for the entire renovation project. Refacing is a cheaper and more flexible alternative than buying an entirely new set as you have the freedom to choose your style and preference for your cabinet.

Thanks to the variety of wood to choose from, you have the freedom to choose which to use as the material for the refacing project depending on what you like, but it can be tough picking one from the other.

The most popular wood choices are the red oak wood, white oak wood, pine wood, cherry wood, maple wood, walnut wood, alder wood, and the hickory wood which has different characteristics as well as pros and cons. Some are inexpensive but not resistant to warping or damages, some others are expensive but durable, while others have balanced strengths and weaknesses.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing’s infographic gives details on the pros and cons of popular wood materials for kitchen cabinet refacing.

How to clean patio furniture

Extend your summer into fall and beyond with outdoor patio table with fire pit in the middle. Chill out and relax with the Amish fire pit table in cold winter or chilly summer nights. The alluring firepit coffee table is perfect for your backyard to gather guests and enjoy great outdoors! This fire-pit comes with liquid propane and natural gas fuel options with regulator, hose and quick disconnect, matching canvas cover, lava rock and electronic ignition with auto safety shut-off. Enhance your outdoor space by adding the fire pit table with other patio furniture sets. Designed for use throughout the year, fire pit is built to last and can withstand all weather conditions. Perfect as a camp bonfire for relaxing while camping!

Clean Stainless Steel Appliances with Vinegar and Oil

Stainless steel appliances give kitchens a high-end look. They are, though, prone to smudges and fingerprints. This infographic shows you how to clean it. Best of all, you can clean your appliance using household items. This is what you will need: vinegar, oil, empty spray bottle and soft microfiber cloth. Now, just follow six easy steps listed in the infographic and enjoy your shiny appliance once again. Don’t forget to have fun in the process.

Infographic by stainless steel appliances

House Styles Around the World

Ever wonder how people around the world live? Or more specifically, what kinds of homes people around the world live in? Well, wonder no more! Here’s a survey of some of the more interesting and unique home styles from around the globe:


  • The wooden chalet has been a popular style in Europe’s alpine regions for centuries. Ski resorts around the world mimic the chalet style for their slopeside condos.


  • The Hanok is a signature Korean home often featuring a curved roof. Hanoks are typically built with raw materials – like timber, soil, and rock – that are all-natural, recyclable, and don’t cause pollution.


  • A building style that has become more popular in areas of the Southwest and Midwest U.S. in recent years is the barndominium. In older days barndominiums referred to wooden barns that had been converted into living space, but modern barndominiums are now being built with steel frames, roofing, and siding in custom designs for more versatile and adaptable residential space.
  • Bay-and-gable is a distinct architectural style common in Toronto and other areas of Ontario. The most prominent feature is a large bay window in the front, surmounted by a gable roof. These were often built as semi-detached rows of homes, and suited the layout of Toronto’s long and narrow lots.

Ready to learn more? This infographic presented by Skywalker Roofing explores 20 different examples of residential architecture of the past and present from regions spanning all over the world.

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5 Ways to Eliminate Bad Smells in Kitchen

The kitchen is considered the heart and soul of the house; it’s where the family and guests can spend time together to enjoy good food and celebrate special moments in life. Keeping it looking fresh and clean, therefore, should be of utmost importance for homeowners if they want to keep it hospitable and warm for everyone.

Making sure that your kitchen is organized and free of clutter can result in many benefits, one being that it enhances our overall mood whenever we are in the kitchen space. If the kitchen cabinets are free of smudge, the countertops are clutter-free, and equipment are efficiently placed across the room, the more likely you will be able to appreciate the space, and therefore be more inspired to prepare hearty meals for the household.

However, more important than improving the ambiance, keeping your kitchen organized is also vital to make it smell good and fresh. Indeed, even if the kitchen is aesthetically pleasing, it wouldn’t do any good if you – or worse, the guests can smell the stench from rotting food stocked in the cabinet or utensils that were left grimy for days.

If you want to learn more about how you can eliminate bad smells in your kitchen, check out the featured infographic below from Mr. Cabinet Care.

4 Ways to Make Bathroom Tiles Look New

Do you love staying in the bathroom? Some people do. Why? Because this is where they can feel the peacefulness and this is also where they can de-stress after a day of work. The rushing water through the floor gives a nice sound. However, if the tiles look dirty and ugly, you would want to get out faster because instead of de-stressing you get yourself more stressed out. Here are some ways you can keep your tiles look better all the time.

  1. Clean it thoroughly using industrial grade cleaning solutions.
  2. Stains can be difficult to remove but brushing it well and using grout cleaner, you can restore the beauty of your tiles.
  3. Do another cleaning as mentioned in this infographic.