Facts about Termites

The infographic delivers a pile of surprising facts about termites. The facts are some of the wildest, weirdest and most unbelievable facts about termites. The one thing for sure you know about termites is that they eat wood. Don’t worry, this infographic isn’t only about termites eating wood. In fact, the infographic presents quite interesting facts about termites. There’s actually a lot more to these creepy wood-eaters than you think.

Source: Amco Ranger Termite Infographic

National Animals from Around the World

Earth is a pretty miraculous place. It’s just the right distance from our Sun to host a wide range of lifeforms. If it were farther away, we would freeze. If it were closer (like Venus or Mercury), it would be uninhabitable. As far as we know, life exists nowhere else in our solar system. And life doesn’t just exist here; it’s exploded into millions of amazing species that live on land, in the water, and even in the air. There are nearly 200 sovereign nations in the world today, and each one has chosen a National Animal that is representative of that respective nation’s habitats and biomes. Let’s look at just a few:


There are many interesting animal species in China, but perhaps none more famous than its national animal, the Giant Panda (Ailuropoda Melanoleuca). More commonly known as panda bear or simply panda, the giant panda is native to south central China. Giant pandas are primarily herbivores, with 99% of their diet consisting of bamboo shoots and leaves.


Asian elephants and one-horned rhinos are native to India, but India’s national animal is a more ferocious predator – the Bengal Tiger (Panthera Tigris). Its roar can be heard up to 2 miles, making it one of Earth’s loudest creatures. Bengal tigers are commonly found in deep forests and swamplands, and – unlike other cat species – they are actually very powerful swimmers.


Brown bear, Eurasian lynx, and western roe deer all roam the mountainous terrain of Greece, but none of these are the national animal. Would you believe that their national animal is an aquatic species? That’s right, the national animal of Greece is the Dolphin (Delphinus Delphis). Much of Greece is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, and dolphins have actually played a role in Greek culture for thousands of years.

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6 Care Tips for Miniature Dog Breeds

Taking care of big dogs can be hard but it does not mean that miniature dog breeds will not need extra effort from the owner. Do you have a Chihuahua at home? This infographic will provide you with tips on how to take care and show love to your best friend. Start with getting them to socialize, investing in the right toys, using dog gates, grooming them and giving them a diet plan up to cleaning their teeth. Dogs with small size actually need more attention because there would be times when you don’t see them and there is a tendency that you might forget them.

6 Ways to Keep Your Dogs Cool in Summer

Keeping your dogs happy even under the blazing heat of the sun can be done through the tips on this infographic. It includes providing them some cool stuff or icy treats, a paddling pool and keeping them hydrated all the time. Other tips include not leaving them inside the car and being conscious during their exercise.  Some dog owners are not sensitive about the time duration for a dog exercising. Too much exercise will exhaust the dog causing them to have health problems in the future. Also, as much as possible dogs must not walk in sand and asphalt because the road can be too hot to walk into.


5 Exercises to Keep You and Your Dog Healthy

Do you love to exercise, especially in the morning but want to find a buddy to do it? If you can’t wake up your brothers and sisters, then, find your dog and do some exercises. Dogs are good partners for running, stair climbing, swimming and towing. More so, it is not just you who will be fit and healthy but also your dog. If the dog simply stays at your house, slouch for many hours and eat lots of food, it will be fat and sickly. So, whenever you feel like jogging around, get your dog’s leash and do it together.

Training Your Dog with Luring Techniques

Luring is a training technique for dogs that enables the trainer to have the dog move to different positions without grabbing the dog or touching him in any way. The luring technique is much quicker for the trainer to see results in the dog. There are many rules to follow when training a dog using lures if you want to do it the right way. This infographic will highlight the right things to do and common mistakes made during the training process. If you follow carefully, you should have a great understanding luring and your dog’s training will greatly benefit!

Infographic Source Link: https://yourpetland.com/training-your-dog-with-luring-techniques

Health Benefits of CBD for Pets

CBD has entered the public consciousness as a low cost (as well as prescription free and organic) treatment for everything from joint pain to anxiety. More recently, vets and pet-owners are advocating the use of CBD for pets as a way to help alleviate some of the same symptoms that people use CBD for. From Anxiety, to arthritis, to chronic pain, nausea, epilepsy, and a host of other issues, CBD can be an effective treatment for pets in the same way that it is effective for humans. Here is a list of 10 health benefits of CBD for your pets!

Infographic Source Link: https://maxhomeremedies.com/cbd-for-pets/

Ticks. Small Bite, Big Problem.

A summary of the vicious tick including their habitat, active season and prevention. What is a tick? Where can you spot them and when are they most active? Do you know the tactics used to prevent tick bites? We cover all of these as well as how to remove a tick if they do find their way on you as a host. Ticks can detect you and may choose you as a host by your breath, body odor, heat, moisture and vibrations. Though they do not fly or jump, their amazing sensory techniques help them grab onto a host. Learn more, check out the infographic.

Source: Ticks Bite

Top Cat Names of 2018

We’ve combed through all our data from the year to reveal the top cat names of 2018! As determined by the 2.2 million new cat owners who used our site so far this year. Year after year, our most popular cat name category is “Cute.” After all, cute cats deserve cute names! Some of these top names in the cute category included Belle, Kiki & Casper. “Tough” is also a popular category, especially for boy cats. Many new cat parents are drawn to strong-sounding names that reflect their kitten’s tenacious personality. These tough names included Caesar, Roxy, and Pepper. Check out the infographic for more of the top cat names by category.

Infographic by top cat names

The Natural Benefits of Fish Oil Supplementation In Dogs

Fish oil contains omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids which have a number of anti-inflammatory affects as well as benefits to a number of different organ functions.

Fish oil supplements have proven benefits for cardiac health, renal function and brain function. They also have a number of benefits for the skins barrier function and are an excellent part of the management solution for dogs who suffer from allergic dermatitis including contact allergies, atopy and flea allergies.

Fish oil supplements in dogs have a great anti-inflammatory action that can be used to help manage patients with chronic inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Infographic by Fish Oil for Dogs

Hedgehogs – A Rare Sight in UK Gardens

Green spaces are becoming less and less in the UK and most other countries also. The constant building of homes and shops on any free space is having a massive impact on the wildlife population. One of the species most effected is the hedgehog which has seen a 30% population decline since 2002, with that number rising to 50% for rural areas in the UK. There are a variety of reasons for this decline which is outlined in the infographic.

Infographic by Lawnmower Hut

Dog Park Safety: How to Spot Aggressive Dogs

Everyone loves dogs. But sometimes, dogs can be dangerous. This infographic helps you and your dog stay safe in the dog park. It explains how to spot an aggressive dog. It helps you understand how to protect your own dog if there is an aggressive dog in the area. By understanding the body language of dogs, you can understand how to spot and deal with an aggressive dog, before it becomes a threat to you or your pet.

Infographic by dog park safety

The History of Onesies

Have you heard about onesies? Of course you have because they are such a hot topic. This is the reason we decided to bring you infographic about the history of onesies. You would be surprised actually how long ago the concept of the idea already happened. Nowadays we even have animal onesies, thanks to that you can choose your favorite animal to dress as and be really comfy at the same time.

Infographic by Animalsluxury

Understanding Allergies in Dogs & Their Treatments

It is very difficult for a people especially who are living in a dog-loving county, has allergies with the dog. A research by AKC says that about 37%-47% of American households have a dog. We have made this infographic to provide the clear information about dog allergies to the dog lovers in a very simple way. There is some symptom that indicates that your dog has allergies, such as coughing and wheezing, red, itchy eyes, runny, itchy, stuffy nose, sneezing etc. For more information read the infographic carefully.

Mice Vs Rats – What’s the Difference?

Many people have had issues with rodents in their home or business, but haven’t been able to identify which type of critter they’re dealing with. Are you having issues with rats, like many people from New York (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/new-york-ranks-no-2-list-cities-worst-rat-problem-article-1.3567618), or are you simply dealing with mice? This infographic will help you identify the pest and understand your best options for eliminating the problem, including a description of their appearance, where they live, how they breed, what their droppings look like, and even their eating habits!

Infographic by Mice Vs Rats – what’s the difference?

Facts about Ants

Ants can be a real nuisance – creeping around our kitchen, getting into our food, making our house look unclean, etc. However, ants are amazing creatures that we can learn a lot from, and many homeowners may be interested to learn about these creatures. For instance, they have 250,000 brain cells, vs about 100 billion in human beings. They can carry up to 100x their body weight (don’t try that at home!), and can dramatically vary in size. Check out our infographic to learn more!

Infographic by ant facts

Top 12 Dogs With The Strongest Bite

Dogs bring a whole lot of enjoyment to our lifestyles, nevertheless, they may also bring troubles. They generally urinate inside your home, rip down cushions as well as start barking in the middle of the night. However, the most critical worst thing your canine is capable of doing, without doubt, is to bite somebody. That sadly is normal for canines to lead their lack of control towards people, by biting them. Two percent of people in the United States are bitten by dogs each year. Annually in the U.S, between 4.5 and 5 million individuals are attacked by canines.

Dogs can bite since they’re frightened or have already been shocked. They are able to bite simply because they feel threatened. They are able to bite to safeguard something that is valuable to them, like their pups, their foodstuff or a toy. This infographic from Petcomments will emphasize the top 12 dogs with the strongest bite. The bite force is equal to a pounds of pressure is applied to each square inch.

How to Order a Horse Stable Online

Stables Online are leading UK stable manufacturers providing a wide range of affordable steel framed internal stables, external stables, mobile field shelters, stable accessories and other related equestrian products. We ethically source a choice of stable boarding options for your stables which all require little or no regular maintenance. Looking for an internal stable or external stables, then please view the ordering process in our infographic.

Infographic by Horse stable manufacturers

Veterinary Services from a Reputed Animal Clinic

Everyone loves their pets and consider as a family member. It is the duty of each pet owner to find the best animal hospital to treat their pets in a hygienic way. While selecting an animal clinic, people should thoroughly inspect about reputation of the animal hospital and the services they provide. A proficient animal clinic will have the all kinds of veterinary service facility and well practiced lab technicians to conduct proper tests for pets. A good animal hospital should also have the ability to provide the veterinary service for all types of pets like dogs, cats, birds, etc. For more information, visit http://petsfirstwellness.com/