BEST OF THE SALOONS! Top 10 Saloon Cars in the UK (Part 1 of 2)

Car has become the need of almost every individual now days. People buy the cars according to their needs. But now people try to buy such vehicle that fulfill the needs of all aspects. Like a car, that is spacy, smart, packed with intelligent features and gadgets, speedy as well as powerful. When we need all these things under one roof, there is nothing better than a Saloon. A Saloon is the car that is neither as big as a truck or even as an SUV nor as compressed as a coupe. It offers suitable space and is fit for all types of moods. Packed with powerful engine and smart features, the Saloons are the best vehicles to use. They are also attractive in looks and sleek in designs. In this infographics, we have sum-up the best 5 saloons in the UK focusing the features like Engine, Top speed and Horsepower. A detailed comparison is shown for you to determine yourself that which one is the best saloon for you.