Benefits of Montessori Reading Materials

Montessori has some interesting ways to raise lifelong readers. A few strategies really work in building an independent reading habit. The Montessori method encourages children to visualize everything they learn and to use all their senses. Montessori reading materials are visual and multisensorial. By taking a Montessori approach and joining visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles, reading is developed with a mind-body connection which improves retention of information. Montessori Materials are designed to optimize a learning environment in such a way that it lights a spark in the child to learn independently. We, Alpha Montessori team, has come up with a blog post on Developing Good Reading Habits in children with Top 10 Must-have Montessori Books for Children and Parents. Check our blog at Alpha Montessori is a private Montessori school located in Plano & Frisco, offering programs for Infants, Toddler, Primary, Elementary, & Afterschool Programs.