Automotive CMOS Sensors – Why It’s Better than CCD Sensors?

Both the film and camera industries were shaken by the arrival of the CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) image sensors that rivaled the CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) image sensors. It can be said that the low production and demand for CCD sensors led to the introduction of the CMOS.

CMOS image sensors are cheaper than CCD image sensors thanks to the use of a traditional manufacturing process compared to the process underwent by CCD sensors. The different production meant different qualities in the photographs and videos captured by the cameras.

Historically, CMOS image sensors were less efficient in converting incoming light than CCD image sensors. However, the CMOS can achieve similar or better light sensitivity than the CCD thanks to onboard micro-lenses found in newer CMOS sensors.

Because CMOS image sensors are more advanced compared to the CCD, the CMOS possesses a superior saturation capacity which lets it perform at nearly equal dynamic levels with the CCD.

For more information on the advantages of the CMOS to the CCD, check out Omnivision’s infographic.