The Hateful Seven – The Most Energy Hungry Devices in Your Home

Let’s be honest – nobody likes to pay high electricity bills. However, most of us consider it a sad duty to part with a few dozens bucks each month and hand it over to the local authorities.

Unless you decide to live like a hermit in a remote cave, there is no way you’re gonna get away with not paying any bills whatsoever. The good news is that you can still significantly reduce them by implementing a few relatively simple measures.

Have you watched the 2006 Quentin Tarantino’s movie “The Hateful Eight”? We are yet to see if the newest western from one of Hollywood’s favorite directors expected to be released this year will rival its predecessor. What’s for sure though is that those hateful eight characters who appeared there were not a particularly friendly bunch. The same goes for specific types of appliances in your household. When not used properly or overused – they can be really nasty in terms of their power consumption.

We present you with “The Hateful Seven” – the most energy consuming devices in your home. If you don’t get a grip on them, they will quickly add up to your monthly financial damage. Learn which ones are these and what you can do about to minimise their power consumption in this infographic.

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Music Industry Contracts: All You Should Know

If you are in the music industry, you will end up being taken advantage of unless you protect yourself with an appropriate contract. Attorneys are expensive, and especially if you are just starting out, may not be affordable. In this infographic, you can learn the basics involved in music contracts in easy-to-understand terms for the layman. Find out what sort of contract you need, and how you can get it without hiring an attorney. Learn what these contracts do and how they can protect you. Get the definitions of key terms in these contracts so you can understand what you are signing.

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History of Immigration to the United States

The United States has been known as the world’s Melting Pot for over 200 years, and for good reason. This young nation has experienced wave after wave of immigration over its relatively short history, and that pattern is likely to continue on into the foreseeable future. The first US immigration wave was kicked off by European Pilgrims in the early 1600s, who arrived on the East Coast looking for religious freedom. What followed has been a steady stream of immigration waves, most involving people looking for an opportunity to succeed in the Land of Opportunity.

Here are some of the highlights featured in our infographic History of Immigration to the United States. If you’re a citizen of the US, it’s likely that your ancestors arrived in one of these waves of immigration themselves:

  • The US Census of 1790 was the first official census of the nation. Most of America’s residents at the time were of English, Irish, and German descent.
  • Between the 17th and 19th centuries, most immigrants arriving on American shores were actually brought here without their consent – they were slaves. It is estimated that between 500,000 and 650,000 Africans were brought to America as slaves during that time period, along with slaves from other parts of the world. Thankfully, slavery was finally made illegal in the US with the passage of the 13th Amendment in 1865.
  • The Industrial Revolution of the 1800s brought more Europeans looking for work in US factories and on US railroads.
  • The California Gold Rush (mid-19th century) brought a wave of immigrants seeking work and opportunity from China, other parts of Asia, and many other places as well.
  • Many immigrants looking for escape from violent regimes began arriving around the turn of the 20th
  • Which nation has produced the most immigrants to the US over the past 100 years? If you guessed Mexico, you’d be right.

If you want to learn more about the immigration history of the world’s Melting Pot, check out this infographic here:

Self-Directed IRA – Types and Its Vast Investment Options

A Self-Directed individual retirement account is a tax advantage retirement account that allows investors to invest in alternative assets. The investment and security are administrated by a custodian or trustee. It is used to invest money for retirement age. The withdrawal is structured to obtain tax-free at specific ages. With a Self-direct account, the investor can choose how their money is invested without the IRA limitations.

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Insights of Four Color Printing Technology

Color is an influential tool that attracts and holds the attention of readers. The color printing has changed the pace of business and used as an important tool to get their content to public. The mix of perfect colors can make your marketing content more powerful. It influences the public and creates great impact on any business services and products. Visit,


The real estate investors can make or break their own carrier depending upon their own skills and knowledge. Although there are many difficulties, the real estate carrier gives them many opportunities to increase their financial stability. The investor can put hands on great profit, if he invests his money in a proper and successful way. visit,

Top Universities in the USA 2019

Once again, US universities are well represented in the QS World University Rankings, with 157 US institutions of higher learning included in the 2019 rankings. American schools claimed 5 of the top 9 spots, including a repeat sweep of the top four positions.

Here are some of the schools featured in our Top Universities in the USA 2019 infographic:

  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is once again considered to be the best university in the world for a record-breaking seventh year in a row! MIT scored a perfect 100 on four of the six indicators used to determine this year’s rankings. So yeah, you could say that MIT is pretty good…
  • If learning about technology in Massachusetts isn’t quite your speed, how about pursuing your studies in the beautiful San Francisco bay area? Stanford continues to hold serve as the #2 university in the world and is a fantastic place to rub shoulders with some elite entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  • It’s pronounced HAH-vuhd. The name alone symbolizes higher education and all that it represents. Harvard still hangs tough at #3 – not too shabby for a school that’s been around for almost 400 years (founded in 1636)! Fun fact: Harvard is located in Cambridge, MA, and it’s within walking distance of MIT. That’s quite a neighborhood for learning!
  • And now, back to California. This time we head to Pasadena, home of the #4-ranked university in the world – California Institute of Technology. It’s better known as Caltech, and it’s situated about 11 miles northeast of L.A.


Believe it or not, there are also some great American schools located in places besides Massachusetts and California.

All About Google Translation

Google Translate is one of the most popular free Google services available today and can translate up to 100 billion words every day into as many as 103 languages. When is using this hi-tech convenience a great option and when is it better to call up a professional translator?

Go for free online translation if you need a quick and a brief of translation you are in a hurry or if you are traveling for pleasure and want an easy and instantly translation, also if your budget can’t afford translation fees and you do not care of quality also you can use it if you have your experience in the target language.

Go for a professional company if you have a project that contains secure information or want to globalize effectively you project indeed you will use native speakers by a professional company.

Also if you have a small budget you can handle translation fees which are surprisingly affordable by some companies.

12 Real Estate Terms You Should Know

The real estate process can be tricky for experienced buyers and sellers, let a lone a beginner who may never have bought or sold a home before. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you may hear quite a few terms used that might sound unfamiliar. Before stepping in and putting pen to paper, it’s best to educate yourself on some of the important terms and vocabulary that are used in real estate. The more you understand the basics, the easier it will be to conduct a real estate transaction. This infographic will walk you through 12 real estate terms you should know before buying or selling a house.

Infographic by Element Homebuyers

How to Find and Invest in Tax Lien Properties?

The county government in every state updates the tax lien affected properties list regularly. If the property owner does not pay the income taxes within a stipulated period the government seizes the property. The seized property is now a lien and auctions are performed on it to retain the owed taxes. Investors can attend in the auction process and purchase any properties by winning the bid. The rules and regulations are different from one county to another. It is best to do a legal clarification from the state county before planning to purchase a lien.

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Know the Meaning of Flag Colors and Symbols

At last count, there are 197 independent countries currently recognized by the United Nations, and each has its own respective flag. How many flags do you know? And what do you know about what all those flags mean? Just as a person’s individual style says a lot about them, each of these flags says a lot about its respective country and the national values represented. You probably know that most flags are rectangular, but there are a few exceptions to note. And what about all those colors and symbols?


Here are some fun facts featured in our infographic, Know The Meaning of Flag Colors and Symbols:


  • NEPAL: The only nation with a non-quadrilateral flag. The flag features two triangles which symbolize the two peaks of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.
  • VATICAN CITY: The world’s smallest nation (population: around 840) has a square-shaped flag that bears symbols of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • SWITZERLAND: Another square flag! And if you’ve ever seen a Swiss Army Knife, you already know what Switzerland’s flag looks like – it contains a white cross in the center of a red square field.
  • DOMINICA: The modern world’s only flag featuring the color purple. If you want to know WHY there’s purple on this flag, take a look at our infographic!
  • JAMAICA: Every flag in the world contains some amount of the colors red, white, or blue, except for one – Jamaica! Try stumping your coworkers at the water cooler with that fun fact!
  • DENMARK, SWEDEN, NORWAY, & FINLAND: The Nordic countries all have flags with similar horizontal cross designs, and they also tend to get easily confused. Check out our infographic to learn how to tell these flags apart and to see what their respective colors represent.
  • JAPAN: What’s up with that big red dot? Let’s just say this – they don’t call it the Land of the Rising Sun for nothing!

Archiving WhatsApp Messages for Trial and Legal Matters (Infographic)

WhatsApp Messenger is now one of the most common examples of freeware for voice over IP as well as cross-platform messaging. Due to its accessibility, people have now realized the potential of WhatsApp by utilizing it as a convenient way of modern communication.

In fact, it even proved itself quite useful especially on matters regarding legal cases.Being involved in a court trial is undoubtedly a pains taking ordeal to experience since it could possibly destroy one’s reputation and even inflict some financial liabilities.

Electronic messages can be pretty helpful in these kinds of situations due to the fact that given the necessary requirements, they can be presented as viable evidence to the court.

The infographic below brought to you by TeleMessage will discuss all the usage and benefits of archiving WhatsApp messages for trial and legal matters, specifically in terms of:

  • WhatsApp Evidence and Its Admissibility
  • Establishing Authenticity Through Enterprise Archiving

Important Interior Design Principles for Business

The main goal for any interior designers is to create a perfect interior design for a business environment that attracts the customer’s and make them to buy the products. There are factors which should be foreseen before planning interior designing. That’s where the brand, principles and interior design plays a huge role to the work done.

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Points to remember for preparing a retirement planning guide

Retirement period is considered as golden days, where people live their remaining life after all the days running behind their career, wealth and responsibilities. And so, in order to lead a happy life after retirement, it is always advisable to start saving and investment or in other words to start Retirement planning. A Feasible Retirement Plan is very important to get your financial independence goals meets. Achieving a plan needs dedication and knowledge and these are 5 basic points will help to kick start your retirement planning guide.  But if you need some extra help or assistance in your plan, then it is always good to seek from Professional Retirement or Financial Planner for service.


3 Library Customer Service Tips

Customer service has been progressing through the years with the influence of modern technology. Most libraries nowadays are equipped with technology that complies with consumer needs faster. Since most of the people who are visiting the library are researchers, it is only essential to promote better researching with the use of modern technology compliance.

It may be intimidating for some employees to use modern tools instead of the natural process of ushering consumers on where to find appropriate books, but it is always a necessity nowadays to install software that can aid libraries to find books and research materials inside the library. With the matter of hiring the best library staff, in this infographic created by Sparkle Training, we will discuss three customer service tips that can help you comply effectively to your customer’s needs. Make sure to check out the infographic below to know more about how you can integrate your customer service for this year.

9 Facts About How Baseball Hats are Made

The baseball cap is types of hats which have a soft cap with a rounded crown and hard peak facing in front.


The front cap usually has embroidery (logo) while the back of the cap may be fitted to the wearer’s head size. It is made of a Velcro, plastic or elastic and with zipper strip and adjuster in order to fit different wearers. Some believe that a baseball cap will make you bald. However, this only happens if the cap is so tight to your head, having the tendency to pull out the hair, also if it is tight, you wouldn’t able to wear it properly.

Bitcoin ATMs Numbers Have Surged Worldwide

Bitcoin ATMs numbers surged 720% since 2016, According to Coin ATM Radar, the number of Bitcoin ATMs have increased drastically, from 500 in 2016 to 4,300 in 2019.
That’s crazy growth!
Maybe not when you put them side by side with your traditional banking institutions atms, but we have to remember, this is a technology still in its infancy. Now in 76 different countries, produced by 44 different manufacturers and has over 530 operators worldwide.
An added bonus to crypto fans, some Bitcoin ATMs even accept different cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH) and more! Head over to to find the nearest crpto ATM near you!

Infographic by Bitcoin

The Anatomy of a Mobile Ad

Mobile ads now make up 70% of all digital advertising. They also account for 34% of total US ad spend surpassing TV as the leading advertising format. Here’s some factors that go into making an awesome mobile ad.

You want to take advantage of vertical video. 90% of social media content is consumed on smartphones – so frame your ad accordingly and think “up and down”. Ads may be created and approved on desktops/laptops, but they’re being viewed on mobile phones. The vertical format will dominate the entire screen – giving your ad a better chance to get noticed.

Design for Sound Off – You need to create ads that get the point across without sound. But, the more senses you are able to engage, the richer the experience. Design for sound off but delight with sound on.

Infographic by mobile ads