What’s the cost of an undelivered SMS message to your business?

With engagement rates up to 8X higher than email and most messages opened within 3 seconds, the universal SMS is your customer engagement essential.

But, 1 in 20 messages don’t arrive at their destination. What if at least one in 20 of your customer messages didn’t reach them – and you thought you had?

SMS quality matters and it impacts your bottom line.

Effective tips for maintaining a crystal clear swimming pool

House owners would love to have a swimming pool in their backyard to make their free time more enjoyable and relax with their family during their weekends or in summer. It will be a great pleasure for the house owners, watching their kids playing in the pool; it brings lots of happiness to the kids. For more details, visit https://gatorleakdetection.com/

Importance of Zinc replacement during dive service

Dive service is the only way to maintain all types of boats to work in an efficient way. The maintenance of the boat is a mandatory one whenever you prefer a long trip. Different factors have to be checked during a dive service. The major factors include underwater propeller maintenance, boat bottom cleaning and zinc replacement. For more details about dive service visit https://www.barnaclebusters.com/

How Businesses can Quickly Adapt to Remote Working through the COVID-19 Pandemic (Infographic)

Amid the lockdown and stress from COVID-19, businesses have been forced to adopt an abrupt shift in their operations and corporate proceedings. This has tempted them to utilize video conferencing and project management tools, revise meeting agendas, provide short reviews and project updates, and ensure a seamless workflow throughout the organization.

Here are the key pointers that businesses need to understand for working constructively and more productively than in office.


The relevance of laying a solid concrete footing during a building project cannot be undermined. They are essential for strong concrete foundations because of their provision of support to the entire structure. They are so important that they can cause your building to become unbalanced in the end if not properly managed. Hence, you need to know the exact steps to follow in properly laying your concrete footings.

5 Sharing Economy Ideas to Build a Profitable Business

The sharing economy has disrupted the traditional ways of goods and services. People prefer sharing or renting of goods instead of buying them. This has led to the majestic growth of entrepreneurs and small business owners wanting to adapt to new peer-to-peer sharing economy ideas.

Infographic is based on startup ideas. You may find interesting business ideas to start your own business in 2020. This are the profitable business ideas based upon recent research and analysis.

To know more visit: https://www.rentallscript.com/5-sharing-economy-ideas/

Tips for choosing a right web Development Company for business

Most companies or individuals are looking for the right web development company to develop an attractive website for their business. In an advanced world, technology is growing faster, and people are spending most of their time with mobile or laptops, so they prefer the internet to search for any needed things on the internet. For more information about web development visit https://subers.com/web-development/

10 Fun Yet Learning Activities For Your Kids During COVID-19

In this infographic, we will be sharing with you 10 fun activities that will a) keep the kids engaged, b) help them learn new stuff, and c) be totally fun. These activities range from taking up online courses in the fields of their interest to learning DIY graphic design and from becoming a yoga enthusiast to doing some fun room decorating.

7 Principles of HACCP And Why They Are Inportant For Food Organizations?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points. HACCP certification is an international standard for the safety of food products defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. It is built around seven principles:

  • Hazard analysis
  • Identifying critical control points (CCP) 
  • Establishing critical limits
  • Observe and track procedures
  • Corrective actions
  • Verification protocols
  • Documentation & record keeping

The food organizations should keep all these principles in their mind in order to tackle any hazards or problems related to any of their products.

Points to remember when hiring an air conditioner repair company

In general, an air conditioner unit faces issues due to some technical reasons. These kinds of issues faced by the air conditioner unit can be fixed easily by trained experts, so it is important to hire professional technicians to fix the issues without causing any defects to the unit.  For more details visit https://airsource1llc.com/

All you need to know about ketogenic diet

We all have heard about the so-called “king of the fad diets” The ketogenic diet. It is super effective for fat loss and is hence so famous. It is mostly preferred because it works without making us feel starved during the fat loss program. But it is considered super tough by most of the people. Hence, I have designed this infographic to share knowledge about the ketogenic diet, How does the keto diet help to burn fat, Science behind the complete keto process in our body, Macros ratio for a perfect keto diet and the top food options so that anyone can be able to design their own keto diet and achieve the dream physique they have been dreaming for.I believe that this infographic will make a good addition to your beautiful site.

Important Attributes of Real Estate Education

The real estate business is full of math formulas that every investor should be well versed with to know where they stand in their business. These are metrics which is specifically related to Finance and Return on Investment. These metrics helps us to do market and property analysis. Some of the important metrics are Net Operating Income, Cash Flow, Cash on Cash  Return and Capitalization Rate.

What is an Industrial computer and how it is different from commercial computers?

Industrial Computers is a special type of computer crafted to deal with a wide range of factory and industrial workloads. It is highly reliable and can work in harsh environments. Fan-less cooling technology, cable-less connection, resistance to dust and water intrusion are some of the common traits of industrial computers. An industrial computer is very different from the commercial computer due to the place where it is deployed. All the internal components will look similar to that of commercial computers but it has many distinct rugged features.

13 Key Pharmaceutical Products that use Calcium Carbonate as a key input

Calcium Carbonate is a key but mostly inactive component of multiple products of the pharmaceutical industry. You can download this infographic showcasing the top 13 drugs that use Calcium Carbonate as a key component from the following URL – https://brajcalcium.com/blog/2020/03/23/13-key-pharmaceutical-products-that-use-calcium-carbonate-as-a-key-input/ Braj Calcium is an award-winning provider of multiple formats of Calcium Carbonate.

Tips for Saving Money on Freight Shipping

Customers are indeed the main factor and the key to the locked fate of a firm. Since your consumers are the ones, who will be the starting point of the route towards the succession of your products and services. When they have admired what you are offering, they will be the way for your commodities to be known. Not only in the local netizens of your city, but as well as to the other individuals who live in the urban areas, suburban areas, and even in the rural areas of your state. This then will be like a domino effect that will continue up until your goods are already recognized to the whole citizens of the country where you began your corporation.

Nevertheless, the progression of your firm does not stop there. Once you have a client who lives overseas, this is then considered as a massive advantage. Seeing that, they will be the feeder line for your enterprise to be acknowledged worldwide. Through this, your income will continue to add up, but as well as the money that you will spend. That is why it is very important to be educated on how to control the cycle of cash within your corporation.

Despite this, as a business owner, how are you going to handle and save enough money when you are trying to sell your products overseas?

Going for cheaper shipping costs can be sufficient; howbeit, there is a high possibility that it will be the reason why you are disposing of an additional amount of money. This is one of the things that you should avoid to prevent such things from occurring, considering that it will be one of the causes of why your business is having deficiencies.

To let you know and lessen your worries, there are several methods that you can do to help your company reduce your shipping expenses while you are increasing the boundaries and improving your customer’s gratification of desire and contentment at the same time.

Want to learn more about the best ways on how to save money on freight shipping? Then read the infographic below created and designed by Excelsior.

All You Need to Know About Investing in Tax Liens

Every property owner needs to pay their property taxes to the county government regularly. Any property which has an outstanding tax amount for the particular period, the property is converted into a lien property. The lien properties are further sent to the auction process in which investors from various regions of the country are allowed to invest in the property by paying the pending property taxes with the penalty.

Source: investing in tax liens

The Best Tips for Corona virus (COVID-19)

The corona virus is similar to other flu-infected diseases. The virus will not do any harm if it is not intimidated, but with a little awareness.

Corona virus treatment:

  • The virus has not yet been discovered, so there is a way to prevent it from spreading
  • Covering mouth while coughing cough
  • Do not mix with a cold or flu infected person
  • Do not touch wild animals or livestock empty-handed
  • The meat eggs cooked very well
  • Face masks can be used
  • Drinking lots of fruit garlic water
  • After coughing, the patient should wash his hands after drying.
  • wash hands after toileting
  • wash hands after touching the feces or animal feces
  • Wash hands before and after preparing meals and dishes.
  • Do not wash hands, face or nose to touch
  • Occasionally wash hands with soap-water or sanitize
  • fluids to reduce the risk of dehydration
  • medication to reduce a fever
  • supplemental oxygen in more severe cases