Advantage of Having Screen Protector

A screen protector is an additional sheet generally made up of glass or polyurethane. Though protectors are used for all kind of electronic devices mostly they are used for protecting mobile screen due to extensive use. A screen protector would provide additional prevention from damage.
A screen protector would protect from breaking down but also serves few very vital purposes.

Screen protectors reduce glare:
When you are using an electronic device, the first thing you need to focus on is your eyes. A continues exposure can put stress on your eyes, creating a headache, eye redness and soreness and above all a weak eyesight. But with a screen protector, you can use your mobile safely as it would reduce glare, keeping the damage minimum towards your eyes.

So, with a screen protector on, you can use your mobile phone for a longer period of time without having stress or pain in your eyes.

Screen protectors enhance privacy:
While you are traveling on a bus sitting with a complete stranger, you are definitely concerned about the safety of your belongings, same is the case with your mobile device content. You would not anyone to look at what you are typing in a message for your friend or what video you are enjoying on YouTube. So screen protectors provide you an edge with privacy as well.
If you are really concerned about the privacy, you can ask for a specific privacy screen protector from the shop keeper. With a special filter, a screen protector allows light to pass through a certain angle so that none except can you see what’s being played on your mobile device. With special privacy screen protector, the other person would see a completely dark screen on your mobile.

Prevention from UV damage:
It has always been a great concerned whether access use of devices is a major cause of increasing health issues around the world. Especially, people are bothered about the spread of brain tumors both malignant and benign thinking it can be a result of continued use of mobile devices.
Though thorough studies and researches have denied these anticipations and claimed that there is no such relation between the increase in cancer and mobile uses. Still, ultraviolet rays are harmful when it is about your skin cells.

So, now screen protectors are coming with a special effect embedded to protect you from UV rays while you use your mobile phones.

Sticking of fingers:
While you use your mobile device regularly sometimes more than an hour in a single go, your fingers start sticking with a screen of the device. Sometimes it is because you get some dirt on your finger that you use to swipe across the mobile device’s screen and sometimes its sweat especially when it is hot around you.

It not only irritates you but might get stains and even scratches on screen. But you can avoid this issue by protecting your device’s screen with the screen protector. It will prevent your fingers from sticking with screen and eventually save the screen from getting damaged.

Transparent and smooth:
As screen protectors are smooth and transparent, a lot of people enjoy using their mobile devices with these protectors on. It makes them enjoy their experience very smooth and easy going. It will give them a soft feeling to their fingers when swiping across a mobile device.
A clear and transparent surface of a screen protector will provide them an easy and clear look on the content of their mobile device whether they are reading a scholarly article or watching their favorite football match between LA Galaxy and D.C United.