9 Tips for Effective Time Management

Here, we shared with you the 9 Tips of Effective Time Management you may use in your everyday working routine wherever you are. Time management is necessary, especially in this new age. So here we provide you the 9 most effective ways of time management you may use in everyday routine.


First, write down what necessary tasks you have to do within the day. Secondly, make use of the planner to track important schedules in order not to miss it out. Third, think of what task you have to accomplish during your best times. Fourth, establish or maintain your task in order. Fifth as much as possible, you have to minimize interruptions to your work.


Sixth is to delegate your task as possible. Remember, we can’t have it all. Seventh, sometimes take a break if given the chance. This way, it will recharge you and keeping your mind calm. Next, is to have time to learn from others. Find a mentor that could teach you and be creative.