9 Pros and Cons of Drop Shipping

Dropshipping business is currently famous now, but some think that it was a scam. Actually, there are millions of ways to skin a cat where no one doesn’t know about it yet. Thus, here we provide you some valuable inputs about the PROS and CONS of dropshipping.

  • Decrease risk – with dropshipping you don’t need to have inventory and waiting for the stocks to be sold.
  • Room for growth – the sky’s the limit. There are lots of merchandise to sell to your targeted audience.
  • Stuck in the middle – you are playing the part of a middleman.
  • Space saver – aside from less expensive, it is important for business owners to save some space in their property. It’s less hassle especially when the business expands.
  • Convenient and Fast – the speed and convenience when combine you easily accomplish the task with no hassle.

Meanwhile, there is also the toughest part of having a dropshipping business, such as customer service, error and profit margins. These 3 CONS might hurt your business if you’re not careful about it.

So are you ready to venture into dropshipping business?