7 Mistakes To Avoid Making With Your Air Conditioner

During the summer, issues with the AC unit is something which is faced by many people. And, this mostly happens because of poor maintenance and negligence.



Have a look at the common mistakes that you should avoid making with your hair conditioner-


  1. Not Cleaning The AC filters


It is essential to clean up or change the filters of your air conditioner once in 3 months.

This will help the appliance work effectively with the proper cooling effect in the room.


  1. Avoiding Inspection By An HVAC Technician


Trying to resolve the small issues and regular cleaning of the air conditioner themselves is a big mistake people do.


You should always hire a professional to do the job, or else you may end up damaging the AC unit.


  1. Having No Programmable Thermostat


Using a programmable thermostat will help you save a lot on yearly electricity bills.


  1. Poor Positioning


Blocking the vent off the air conditioner with curtains or some furniture could limit the circulation of air, cause back pressure on the blower and affect its performance.


  1. Using An Air conditioner In An Empty room


Cooling empty spaces are of no use.


So it is suggested to close the AC vents of the rooms which are empty.


  1. Having No Curtains In The Room


Experts say that using the curtains in the room helps in blocking the sunlight from entering the area and ensures that it doesn’t get heated up.


This also helps the air conditioning system to work more effectively.


  1. Ignoring Problems


Because of your busy schedule, you may not always have the time to call an HVAC contractor for resolving issues in your AC unit.


However, the longer you ignore the problem, the worse will it become.