How to Make Profitable Tax Lien Investment?

Tax lien investment is the best way to earn profit, which also involves many risks and challenges. So people should be very careful and analyze different things before investing in tax lien. In each state or county, the rules and methods will vary depending on the state law. Initially, learn the process how tax lien works in your county. There are number of resources available to provide education on tax lien investment. It is the wise choice to acquire online training, which are convenient to schedule the training timing as your own. You can also consult expert real estate investors to know about the advanced strategies of tax lien investment.

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Project Management 101: Strategies to Grow Your Creative Agency Now

When you’re managing a creative project, proper planning is critical to your success. If you lack a defined and realistic plan, even the most sophisticated project can act like an unruly teenager: it goes in all sorts of illogical directions and can overwhelm the most experienced team. Using project management principles to plan your project before you begin can make a real difference in the unfolding and outcome of your project.

Here are six easy steps to ensure your team finishes a project on time and under budget. If you follow these steps, your agency will be completing projects and landing new business in no time.

Infographic by Teamweek

4 Ways to Strike Back Against 2 Types of Amazon Hijackers

There are lots of opportunities available to Amazon sellers which are absolutely massive but come also in an inherent risk. One of the risks is that regarding the Amazon hijackers. These guys become a real threat and they are not leaving the online world. However, don’t let them destroy your confidence to start your business with Amazon.

Today, there are ways to stop them instead of abandoning your platform. There are ways to do to learn in preventing these hijackers from overtaking your optimized product listing. Remember counterfeiters are not just Chinese but also Americans. These scammers are known as Buy Box Thieves and Leeches. Read more about this infographic to learn how to combat them.

The Ultimate Guide to Chakra Balancing Bracelets

How exactly does the Chakra Balancing Bracelet work?
Each chakra in your body is associated with a specific area and color. Many healing stones and crystals can be used for cleansing, activating and balancing the energy of the chakras.
The method is based on the fact that chakra stones possess their energy field. Its vibrations are directed and amplified by each crystal, and resonating with the specific energy centers.
Very efficient way to use healing crystals power is to wear a bracelet. The combination of powerful stones also helps keep your chakras “open”, so your own health and healing can flow naturally, while keeping you fully energized and feeling like your true and happy self.

Infographic by healing stones and crystals

6 of the Most Expensive Hats of the World

A hat is one of the most common fashion items both men and women regularly use. It comes in different styles, color, and brand name thus everyone can sport a hat from all ages. They usually come in affordable price tag but there are exceptions. Depending on the design and the sentiments attached, a hat can greatly blow up its price quotient.

The hats could be adorned with precious or rare metals or stones and sometimes its whole history speaks its value.  What kinds of hats are these and who owns them? Find out about the most expensive hats in the world in this infographic.

4 Ideas to Generate Good Blog Content

With trillions of known web pages on the Internet, new bloggers are getting discouraged. Trying to compete with billions of websites in this situation seems difficult and hopeless. But the truth is around 90% of the web pages on the internet offer very little value to their readers.

Putting this in mind, what can you do to succeed and make your website known? You have to create superior content that actually gives value to the readers. There are several known bloggers who started their website with exceptional content and that is what pushed them up to the top. But the real question here is, how do create a great content that is compelling to the readers? To get your answer, read the infographic.

Performance Marketing with 360° Ads

360° Ads perform better than standard display ads. CTRs, viewability, and video completion rate all are much higher with 360° ads, helping performance marketers do better. 360° ads can get up to 300% the CTR compared to standard ads. They have 14% higher viewability and 46% higher video completion rate. Even across different verticals like Auto, Travel, Retail, CPG, and Entertainment, 360° ads perform better when comparing CTRs.

Infographic by performance marketing

United States Website Speed Report finds US websites are too slow

The ‘United States Website Speed Report‘, a comprehensive pan-sectoral study of business websites in the United States, delivers a foreboding outlook for eCommerce retailers in 2019, finding that websites in that business sector take more than twice as long to load as time-pressed consumers will wait before taking their business elsewhere.

Based on an analysis of 11-million websites throughout a wide range of of US business sectors, the ‘United States Website Speed Report’ shows that General eCommerce Retail websites in the US take an average of 7.51 seconds to load fully on mobile devices, making it the slowest of all the business sectors surveyed. Research indicates that 53% of people will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

The ‘United States Website Speed Report’, created by leading digital agency, AGENT Digital, is a warning call to US businesses across all sectors to slash their website loading times and retain customers throughout the year.

No business sector was found to have an average website speed under the recommended speed standard of less than 3 seconds. The average speed across all sectors was 7.76 seconds, according to the AGENT Digital report.


Tips to Choose Best Hair Extension

Hair extension is the best solution to have thick and long hair, which also enhance your whole appearance. As there are advanced trends to get a natural look, many women prefer hair extension. This is also useful to have a different hair style one each day. Hair extension is popular among celebrities, who change it depends on their role in movies. Nowadays, hair extension becomes easily accessible method by everyone. If you want to achieve perfect style and look, you should be very careful in selecting your hair extension.

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Valentine’s Day – Beyond The Roses

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, with promises of eternal love and beautiful floral gifts exchanged every February 14th. While the traditional gift of a dozen red roses has always been a popular choice, there is an increasing demand for non-traditional Valentine’s floral gifts. Florida Flowers, based in the Scarborough area of Toronto, Canada, has taken a deeper look into the statistics behind Valentine’s Day in an effort to understand more about gifting choices, and in particular whether the classic gift of red roses remains the gift of choice in 2019. Enjoy – and don’t forget to share your thoughts.

Infographic by Valentine’s flowers

9 Lessons Learnt from Developing 400 Intrapreneurs

Many of you have been closely following the developments of AfCE since our launch in 2014, when we were just the seedling of an idea, to try and shape how corporates innovate, by offering a more entrepreneurial approach. Many of you have been following us more recently. This is a letter to all of you! We summarize the most important steps in our journey and the components that we feel made our success.

Infographic by AfCE

Steak Doneness Chart & Temperature Table

Can you spot a medium rare steak from a rare doneness one? If you occasionally cook steak, then you may be interested in this steak doneness chart and infographic to improve your cooking knowledge.

Take a look at this cool looking graphic and you will get a better understanding on the steak doneness levels, which is the recommended level and how to determine each level with just a few tricks or by using simple tools.

The Basics of Gold Plating Guns

Gold plating gun has now become famous. Lots of gun collectors and owners love to dress up their firearms for a new and unique look. Today, not only elites are capable of it, some ordinary gun owners can afford it too.

However, before jumping on the wagon, try to assess your gun first if it can be gold plate!

  1.  Is your gun made of zinc alloys, aluminum, plastic, and steel or any of these combinations?
  2. What gold plating method is best for your firearm?
  3.  Is brush plating or bath plating is suitable for your gun?

But the best way is that try to ask a professional that can do the gold plating job in your nearest area.

6 Ways to Keep Gold Plated Jewelry from Tarnishing

Gold jewelry is a great choice and a good investment. But it is never easy to have one, especially if the budget is too short for the price tag. There is another option to have your desire come true! Why not choose a gold plated jewelry? Well, it is a good alternative if you are searching for a jewel to gift someone or to treat yourself after hard work in the most affordable way.

Gold plated pieces of jewelry are not just for those who can’t afford. Today, lots of fashion icon and trendsetters are picking gold plated jewels because of the practicality. Also, it comes in a variety of designs and styles that compliment in any types of fashion clothes. Wearing gold plated accessories are the same as wearing any real gold jewelry.

5 Ways to Prepare versus Repair Your Teeth

Unhealthy gums and teeth are the most common problems that we are facing these days. Visiting a dentist is unnecessary for some but obviously is the best step to detect mouth problems early on.

Also, good proper hygiene can prevent us from having tooth decay. But it will not only stop there, your responsibility of taking care of yourself and confidence.

The following are great ways to taking extra care for your teeth and gums such as;

Fluoride treatments

Using electric toothbrush

Using night guard during the sleeping time

Choosing proper hygiene products

And dental check-ups every six months

These are the things that you have to keep in mind to prevent any mouth infections. Don’t wait for mouth problems will force you to visit your dentist – this will take time, if in case.

How to Calculate Freight Rates in LTL Shipping

Calculating freight  rates used to be a pain. You’d telephone a broker – and if you’re lucky broker would pick up… Hours or days later – broker would back. See our new infographic what goes in freight rates calculation. You can now find the best rates online in a matter of seconds using technology, but it’s far from trivial.

The factors determining less than a truckload (LTL) freight rates in the U.S. and Canada  include Commodity, Size and Weight, Density Calculation, Freight Class, Location Type and Distance. See the infographic for more detail.

Remember, there are also differences between how freight shipping rates get calculated in the U.S. and Canada. It is more complicated in the U.S. where most carriers require shippers to indicate NMFC code and Class. NMFC code and Class are not used in Canada, where carriers use dimensional weight or skid-based rates. In the U.S.-Canada cross-border shipping, NMFC code and Class requirements are typically required depending on the carrier.

Infographic by Instant LTL Freight Quotes

Advantage of Having Screen Protector

A screen protector is an additional sheet generally made up of glass or polyurethane. Though protectors are used for all kind of electronic devices mostly they are used for protecting mobile screen due to extensive use. A screen protector would provide additional prevention from damage.
A screen protector would protect from breaking down but also serves few very vital purposes.

Screen protectors reduce glare:
When you are using an electronic device, the first thing you need to focus on is your eyes. A continues exposure can put stress on your eyes, creating a headache, eye redness and soreness and above all a weak eyesight. But with a screen protector, you can use your mobile safely as it would reduce glare, keeping the damage minimum towards your eyes.

So, with a screen protector on, you can use your mobile phone for a longer period of time without having stress or pain in your eyes.

Screen protectors enhance privacy:
While you are traveling on a bus sitting with a complete stranger, you are definitely concerned about the safety of your belongings, same is the case with your mobile device content. You would not anyone to look at what you are typing in a message for your friend or what video you are enjoying on YouTube. So screen protectors provide you an edge with privacy as well.
If you are really concerned about the privacy, you can ask for a specific privacy screen protector from the shop keeper. With a special filter, a screen protector allows light to pass through a certain angle so that none except can you see what’s being played on your mobile device. With special privacy screen protector, the other person would see a completely dark screen on your mobile.

Prevention from UV damage:
It has always been a great concerned whether access use of devices is a major cause of increasing health issues around the world. Especially, people are bothered about the spread of brain tumors both malignant and benign thinking it can be a result of continued use of mobile devices.
Though thorough studies and researches have denied these anticipations and claimed that there is no such relation between the increase in cancer and mobile uses. Still, ultraviolet rays are harmful when it is about your skin cells.

So, now screen protectors are coming with a special effect embedded to protect you from UV rays while you use your mobile phones.

Sticking of fingers:
While you use your mobile device regularly sometimes more than an hour in a single go, your fingers start sticking with a screen of the device. Sometimes it is because you get some dirt on your finger that you use to swipe across the mobile device’s screen and sometimes its sweat especially when it is hot around you.

It not only irritates you but might get stains and even scratches on screen. But you can avoid this issue by protecting your device’s screen with the screen protector. It will prevent your fingers from sticking with screen and eventually save the screen from getting damaged.

Transparent and smooth:
As screen protectors are smooth and transparent, a lot of people enjoy using their mobile devices with these protectors on. It makes them enjoy their experience very smooth and easy going. It will give them a soft feeling to their fingers when swiping across a mobile device.
A clear and transparent surface of a screen protector will provide them an easy and clear look on the content of their mobile device whether they are reading a scholarly article or watching their favorite football match between LA Galaxy and D.C United.

Different FFS Treatments to make your Face Look Feminine

There are various facial procedures that can be performed when a patient is seeking out facial feminization services or FFS for short. Facial feminization surgery is a set of procedures that help the face appear more feminine. This is a very popular procedure in the transgender community when going through a transition. Even non-transgender patients that would like a more feminine appearance can also opt for FFS treatments. The are various areas of the face that are typically treated including, the forehead, the eyes, nose and chin. In this infographic we dissect the most popular FFS procedures one can undergo.

Infographic by Facial Feminization Surgery