5 Best-Selling Cars Of 2017 In The UK

Car is the need of every person now a days. In the past, it is carried by only a specific class of people like business men or office use. The scenario has entirely changed. The automobile industry has evolved rapidly and covered all the dimensions and needs of a life. The need of a car is not restricted to a limit, now it is used in every field of life, like going to school or university, for shopping, going to a trip or for official use. Not all cars are of same features, they are changed according to the needs. Like if you are going to a holiday trip with family, you must need at least a 7 seater with big boot. Going to university can only be accomplished by a mini two seater. In this infographic, we have collected 5 best-selling cars of 2017 in the UK. The ranking is based on engine specification, dimensions, exterior looks and interior gadgets.

Infographic Source: https://www.enginefitted.co.uk/blog/5-best-selling-cars-2017-uk/

World’s top 10 fastest cars that will steal your smile in a fraction of a second

Generally, when we talk about road legal cars we don’t speak about the speed of these cars but the power. Apart from muscle cars there are some electrifying beasts offered in the market. These monster cars are known for their hyper speed and performance and when it comes to the power, they also have monstrous engines to power them.

These metal beasts are the best example of human engineering that show the true power of the sensational hormone of adrenaline flows through the veins of a racing driver. So, to have a real fun and make your memories about the speeding cars let’s talk about the world’s most powerful and fastest cars.

However, despite the noticeable and ever existing danger, people still aim for the megastars and put all their energies into whacking past records that it almost feels like our society has an addiction for speed! Are you one of them who love to ride these electrify vehicles? Do you crave for the speed? Do you feel like burning the roads? If so, then here are top 10 of the world’s fastest cars and without these cars it is not possible to get the maximum that might just make that possible. Do keep in mind you will need deep pockets full of money to buy any of these beasts and monsters or babies as these are also one of the most expensive cars as well as the fastest cars in the world.

Amazing Ways Virtual Reality Will Change the Real Estate Industry

Virtual reality is not a fad, it’s here to stay and it’s already changing the shape of the world, especially when it comes to marketing for real estate agents, developers and builders. So what is it changing? Firstly, the way people design buildings. Second, the way people construct buildings (and whether they even need to put anything on the ground at all when it comes to display homes). Third, the way homes and buildings are viewed, leased and sold. That’s how powerful this technology is. At the moment, not many people have adopted it, only 1% of builders and developers, but that will change in the future as more and more people see the benefits of virtual reality technology in making more sales, for more money, in less time. And very soon, consumers will be crying out for virtual reality real estate options, as it will make their lives lots easier too!

1.4 Billion Smartphones

Smartphones are taking over the world. There are over 1.3 Billion smartphones on the planet. 67% of people admit to checking their phone frequently to check email and play with apps even when the phone has not been ringing. 44% of people say they sleep right next to their phone to make sure that they don’t miss anything from their phone. Society has never been so connected to technology. Among adult social media users ages 18 and older, 30% say that at least one of their accounts is currently set up to include their location in their posts.

Infographic by Smartphone use

Top 5 picks of 2017! The best cars of the year

Car has become the necessity of every individual now a days because of its versatile features. Not only it takes us from one place to the other, but also it takes us in the exact way and condition in which we are after getting ready. Just think if we have to go for a meeting and we have no conveyance, we have to hire a car, travel through bus or train, but our appearance surely changes into rough and tough looks due to rapid movements. Considering all these things, we have picked top 5 picks of 2017! The best cars of the year. Not only looks and engine power, there are other main and major factors that determine these cars as the best cars like road tests, reliability, user satisfaction and safety. These are the factors that every driving or sitting inside a car notice. This infographic is a clear view of all these features on which these cars are ranked as the top 5 cars of the year.

Source: https://www.idealengines.co.uk/blog/top-5-picks-2017-best-cars-year/

Safety in Cyberspace for Your Family

Keeping the children safe in the digital world is an upmost priority for the new-age parents. The smartphone addiction is a real thing and with the kids being glued to the screen they are easy to get exposed to the harmful side of the Internet say bullying, sexting, pornography or identity theft. The Infographic will list some real dangers the child may face and tips for parents to tackle these challenges.

Infographic by Family Orbit