City of Heroes

Better keep the kiddos in bed for this Hellraiser Cenobites infographic, as the number of nightmares this could generate in a night could easily surpass the number of movie sequels. The Cenobites showcased in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser franchise are are particularly horrifying and capable of dealing out some serious pain. It’s ok if you have to sleep with the lights on tonight; we won’t tell.

Light Rail Transit for Dummies

Waterloo Region has undergone explosive growth — it’s a legitimate success story — largely because we have three universities/colleges and a whole lot of talented techies doing cool stuff. Tech is now our economic heart: manufacturing has left, and Blackberries, Open Text, Desire2Learn, Kik, and hundreds of other have moved in. There is a small and vocal minority who don’t want a large, super fantastic and dominant urban tech centre, and who think rail systems are silly. We don’t really agree with this segment although we love that they have an opinion. What’s your opinion?

The Star Trek Movie Curse

Charlie Sheen went from starring on the hit show “Two and a Half Men” to, well, going absolutely crazy. His insane antics have filled tabloids from cover-to-cover and journalists and Twitter followers are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what crazy thing the king of “tiger blood” will do next.

Als de Aarde Schudt

In july 2011 Japan was struck by a heavy earthquake and a terrible tsunami. There’s been plenty of attention for the terrible disaster. For those needing to refresh their memory, we’ve created an infographic with the earthquake 101.

Infographic About Auto Insurance Fraud

This infographic feels like a night of watching Dateline, which could be good or bad depending on who you are. It shows all the different types of auto insurance fraud that has occurred over the years as well as costs to the public and various legislation that has passed to counter the fraud. Some interesting facts from the infographic include the fact that there are still 2 states where insurance fraud is not considered a crime, and the fact that insurance fraud is the 2nd most costly white collar crime in America after tax evasion.

Poverty Over

An interactive infographic showing a global history of poverty, illustrating that over the last two hundred years many countries have come out of poverty and have entered prosperous periods of development. Hopefully by showing that many countries can leave poverty behind, it will inspire investment in and development of the world’s remaining poor countries