What do you look when hiring a Roofing Contractor?

Roofing is one of the most expensive parts that homeowners will install or replace them. A well constructed and quality materials used roofs are providing an average of 30 years of lifespan. When your roofs require a replacement or new roofing system to be installed, it is lightly difficult to know which roofing contractor to hire for the job. Most of the homeowners hiring a roof replacement contractor based on their prices. But, it may result in a worst quality of roof installation and it will lead to minimize the look of your home. Here are some important tips discussed for hiring the best roofing contractor to your property.

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How to perform a Swimming Pool Leak Detection Dye Test?

If you own a swimming pool in your home, then it is more responsible for you as a home owner to maintain the pool. When you have noticed that you’re adding more water than normal to your swimming pool, probably your pool may have a leakage problem. To identify the leaks on the pool, you need to perform leak detection methods. Dye test is one of the quickest and easiest methods to find out the leaks on your swimming pool. Dye test equipment can be purchased from the most swimming pool stores near you. To perform a dye test is only requires the red liquid and dropper bottle from old pool water maintenance test kits.

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Advantages of wood flooring and decking

Wood flooring and decking have become a popular fashion in metropolitan houses. Wood flooring is also seen in libraries and schools. Wood flooring and ceiling can convert a simple house into a work of art. Decking is the perfect way of extending the entertainment area in short spaces. It also enhances the outlook of the house. Decking is also used for extending outdoor patios, balconies and swimming pools. There are numerous advantages of using wood for flooring and decking. These are for practical uses. The texture of the wood gives a different look and feeling to the house. Moreover the base material is durable and does not require high maintenance. Hardwoods like Grooved Floor boards and Tongue are used for flooring. Hardwoods such as Garapa, Balau, Ipe and Massaranduba are used for construction of decking. Wood decking is also flexible. For more information visit the website of The Country Woods: http://www.countrywoods.co.za/

Small Kitchen Remodel Tips

A kitchen space the size of a closet is suffocating enough to imagine. What more if you’re moving around with all the pots and pans scattered everywhere unarranged? To avoid that, it is essential to make use of all the spaces and at the same time leaving enough space to move comfortably. Make the most out of your cabinets and counter space. Use these tip and tricks from Washington State Kitchen & Bath for your kitchen upgrade and remodeling mission.


  1.  Moveable Bar
  2. Tiny Cabinets
  3. Pot Rack
  4. Tall Table
  5. Open Shelving
  6. Classic Black and White Flair
  7. Stove-Side Dining
  8. Counter-Side Dining
  9. Brilliant Use of Light
  10. Cozy Cooking Space

How to Buy Custom Frameless Glass Shower Doors – Buying Guide

Frameless glass shower doors have become very popular over the last couple of years. The increased demand can be attributed to the remarkable benefits frameless glass shower doors provide and the aesthetic appeal they add to any bathroom. And while they come in a large variety of shapes and styles, sometimes it is difficult to make an appropriate choice. There are a few things you need to take into consideration when buying custom glass shower doors and this simple guide will be sure to help you in the process.

Infographic by frameless glass shower doors

Garbage Disposal Vs Trash Can

Which is better; a trashcan or a garbage disposal? Many say trashcans are better but others disagree. Both have their own pros and cons. Once we list out the pros and cons of each of these and compare them against one another we can easily find out which is better. So here is an infographic I created to make this easier. I have listed out all the pros and cons I could find after hours of browsing, hope this serves as a good source of information.

Infographic by Garbage Disposal Vs Trash Can

Proper Insulation Tips to Keep your Home Cool in Summer

Insulation is the process of making your home safe and comfortable during the winter and summer season. It will serve as a barrier against the heat transfer in and out of the house during summer.


On the other hand, your insulation system will work to trap and keep the heat inside your home to keep your family warm and comfortable. But the most important thing you need to do first before installing any insulation equipment in the house. First, you must identify the problem then make the right decision. Check your house from top to bottom in order to see every damage and leaks that will become the entry of warm air during summer.


Pipe Relining Explained – A New, Affordable Solution to Damaged and Faulty Pipes

For decades homeowners have been forced to dig up concrete, pavement and beloved gardens to fix sewer pipes and root damage to drains, costing them thousands of dollars in repairs. On average homeowners spend $1,386-$2,731 to repair their sewer drains. Just to repair a burst pipe under a concrete slab can cost up to $3,800 dollars. This infographic explains a new process called “Pipe Relining” which not only cuts down the stress, time & effort it takes digging up the yard, but also provides a long term solution that’s effective and much more affordable to fix burst and broken pipes. Discover the “Brawoliner” Rehabilitation Process, which in 5 simple steps fixes burst pipes without digging and in half the time it would usually take to fix burst pipes. Best part the whole process costs less than 50% of traditional methods to fix broken pipes.

Infographic by The Relining Company

Make your Outdoor Living Space more Beautiful by Decking

In today’s world, most of the people are interested in adding elegance look to their home and outdoor living area. Outdoor living area is a good place and a safe place for your children to play. Decking is a great way to make your home and outdoor living space more beautiful. Decks are built in the outdoor living area for many purposes like, enjoying the holidays, celebrating the family parties and more. There are different types of decks used in decking, including hardwood decks, composite decks; and these decks are available in various colors.

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Common Air Leaks

There are many reasons why we have to prevent the common air leaks. Drafts around the house will increase your energy bills. To prevent this, check for leaks at behind knee walls, attic hatch, wiring holes, plumbing vent and open soffit. Check also the furnace flue or duct chaseway at the basement rim joists where the foundation meets the wood framing and on windows and doors. Reducing air leaks is one of the most cost-effective ways to cut heating expenses.

Most of the time common air leaks are felt around the attic and basement. This will become a major source of wasted energy.  In order to prevent more air leaks, conduct a test around your house.