Learning Through Play

It is really important in 2017 that your Child be learning through playing. Teaching through play is an important factor in the development of your child as it helps grow their brain and stimulates brain cells development. It also allows then to shape up their personality and future character to provide a safe, secure and loving environment for them. Taking care of their health and body is of course also critical in the sense that you will be teaching them about important things in life such as nutrition, personal hygiene, physical fitness, social relationships and many more. There are many games you can use to promote physical well being for your child. Read this infographic to know more!

Infographic by Boab Toys

2017 Top 10 United Kingdom Universities on Facebook (Infographic)

These top universities in the United Kingdom are not only considered the best in education but also on Facebook. See a complete list below according to Facebook users. University of Oxford is leading with 3,186,455 Facebook followers, trailed by University of Cambridge with 1,790,545 followers, closely followed by University of London International Programmes with 449,496 followers, London School of Economics and Political Science with 348,931 followers, the University of Roehampton Online with 348,022, The Open University with 271,393, Study London with 259,439, the University of Salford International with 212,734, Coventry University International with 194,200, and lastly the University of Birmingham with 181,174 followers.

2017 Dubai School Fees (Infographic)


Private schools are getting increasingly expensive in Dubai. Indeed over the last 10 years school fees have risen significantly, varying dramatically between schools and curricula. As of 2016, Dubai has 173 private schools and 265,299 students.

School fees in Dubai can range from AED 2,479 to AED 120,145 (USD 675 to USD 32,711) per annum, not including additional fees for admission, transportation, school uniforms and books. The range in school fees is usually linked to several factors including Location, Curriculum (UKUSCBSEIB, etc), Academic track record and Facilities.

If you are interested in enrolling your child at the best schools in Dubai, you can carry out extensive research on Edarabia to ensure that the school is reputable, accredited and maintains consistently high ratings from the KHDA (Knowledge & Human Development Authority).

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12 Surprising Things Your Child Can Learn from Minecraft

CodaKid’s infographic 12 Surprising Things Your Child Can Learn From Minecraft covers some of the least known and most interesting concepts that students can learn from the Minecraft game. Minecraft is the second most popular video game in history and many educators consider it the greatest educational software of our generation. In Minecraft, kids can learn a variety of topics including computer programming, physics, architecture, 3D modeling, and chemistry, and Minecraft’s open architecture allows developers to add new features to the game almost daily. Minecraft’s educational content is gaining recognition among parents, schools, and organizations that use the game during the school day to lead project-based educational activities. In 2016, Minecraft released MinecraftEDU which has created a number of academic activities for classrooms use. In today’s age, when parents and educators are concerned with kids becoming merely consumers of technology, Minecraft helps kids become digital creators.

Infographic by minecraft coding