Periodic Table of Weapons through History

The Periodic Table of Weapons details humanity’s legacy of violence in beautiful, hand illustrated detail. Starting with fists and rocks in prehistoric times to modern small arms and rifles, each entry in the table is depicted in gorgeous detail alongside classifications, sizing, and approximate year of development. The poster also features historically accurate depictions of warriors from different regions and eras, both ancient and contemporary.

Infographic by Periodic Table of Weapons

Simple and Effective Steps to Write an Essay

Another hour has gone, but you still have nothing on your paper. If so, then you’d better take a look at these effective and simple steps to write a paper. Not only does it help you to come up with great thought, but also you can find how to write a paper without any efforts. Also, if you find it difficult to complete a paper on your own, at My Essay Writing you can find assistance at any time you are in need.

How Medical Practitioners Stay Healthy

Getting sick is one of the most important things doctors and other medical practitioners try to avoid. Because of their varied responsibilities, they are prone to fatigue, stress, and sickness too. To prevent this from happening frequently, they have to follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and meditate. This will help them handle physical and mental stress, fatigue and the constant pressure of their job.
By following a healthy diet, they get plenty of vitamins; antioxidants and protein that help build their immune system. They avoid mental stress through medication, exercise, and yoga. Aside from that, they avoid getting sick by reducing their constant contact with germs.

Searching for what is a Tax Lien Certificate?

A tax lien is a lien issued by the government upon the property of the owner for not paying property taxes. Tax Lien is a certificate or claim against the owner for not paying property taxes to the government. Tax lien becomes a stressful event, if the owner did not pay property taxes. Tax liens are nothing but liens charged on delinquent properties. A tax lien attached to a property document cannot sell or reinvested until the taxes for that property are paid by the land owner. For more information visit: