The Benefits of eLearning

There are many concerns and discussions around the introduction of online education. It has already made a great impact on learning processes and methods. If you are still doubting whether online learning is a future of education, check the infographic created by Here the information about eLearning benefits is provided. Do you know that it takes less money to study online? Are you aware that you can combine your online education with having a job? In addition, eLearning gives a chance to choose any program you like from a great variety available. For this and more information, do not hesitate to read the information on

Time Management Tips for Medical Students

Don’t let time pass without being productive because you can never return a lost minute, hour, or day. When managing your time, set your priorities and ensure that you did what you have planned to do. This infographic provides easy-to-do tips for a well managed time.

  1. Prioritize your studies.
  2. Always attend your class and pay attention to the discussion.
  3. Use popular and credible review sources.
  4. Find your best study habit so that you can absorb your lessons properly and be able to answer in the exams.
  5. Get a break from time to time to avoid stress and burnouts.

Reasons Medical Students Drop Out

Title: Reasons Medical Students Drop Out

Everybody wants to finish what they have started. For those who are continuing medical education, you will be facing obstacles and hurdles that might challenge you to stay on track. Prepare for the challenges given on this infographic.

  1. Some circumstances such as the death of relative or financial problems.
  2. Stress due to long periods of study.
  3. Part-time jobs to pay and support your studies.
  4. Catching up seems hard because of too many absences.
  5. Too much inspiration from a medical drama that leads you to create a wrong perception of the job. You are the actor of your life but there will be no take two.


The Importance of Physician Assistants for American Healthcare

Patients need physical, emotional and psychological support not just from his family members but also from the medical staff that ensures his stable condition. Hence, everyone who checks on the patient must participate in providing the satisfying healthcare service. In line with this, physician assistants have an important role to play on. These are listed in this infographic.


  1. They fill in the shortage for doctors since the 1960s.
  2. Physician assistants are working in several fields doctors are working on such as cardiology, oncology, and pediatrics.
  3. Decrease some of the routine works of doctors so that their loads will be much easier to do. This means more hours to work with more patients.

Strategies to Prevent Medical Errors

When life is dependent on the prescriptions or treatments, information about the patient’s condition is crucial. Part of your job is to gather the patient’s information such as their physical stats and symptoms they have felt. To be a good intern, you can avoid possible medical errors by following the tips from this infographic.


  1. Have a structured information gathering methods. Ensure that nothing’s left out your checklists.
  2. Involve the pharmacists in the prescription process.
  3. Avoid infections through sanitizing the medical facility.
  4. Don’t make diagnostic errors.
  5. Us electronic health records so you’ll have a bank of data about the patient’s medical history.


Know Your Personality Type To Make Better Career Decisions

What is MBTI?


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is a self-report questionnaire. It is designed to determine an individual’s personality type. It enhances the understanding of an individual’s motivations, natural strengths and potential areas of growth, providing an excellent foundation for an individual to achieve their career goals.



Some Facts About MBTI


> MBTI® assessment is the most widely used to understand different personality types.

> It is used by 1.5 million people each year and has been translated into more than 30 languages.

> 89 of Fortune top 100 companies have used MBTI

> Top educational institutions worldwide rely on MBTI® as a fundamental tool for career development



How Can MBTI Help You


Provides guidance on career choice and development

Improves communication skills, decision-making power, and managerial skills

Enhances the work-life balance

Rules of capitalization

Where to capitalize and where not? Is not a pertinent question you think about every time you write. But to tell the truth it is very important that you know the rules for capitalization for your writing to be grammatically intact. You need to capitalize words to stress the importance of certain words, their meaning, and usage. If used in the wrong place, it could feel misplaced and easy to spot out  The rules are many and they change as you use them across different sentences. Run through this infographic which will make it easier for you to understand how to and where to capitalize words.