Fun Facts and History of Cocktails

Cocktails are a most recent creation of the last 100 years. Mixing
drinks with fruit juices and sweet liquors was probably not
something our great grandparents did. It appears that the
Prohibition in the US spawned the “speak-easy” a place to go to
have banded alcoholic delights. The road traveled by cocktails
has had it ups and downs. During the 1980s, cocktails bloomed
with films starring Tom Cruise and everyone was into the scene.
Then they sort of disappeared for a while. Now they are coming
back, but more on the from an Internet stand-point. There are
now thousands of sites out there showing you how to mix your
favorite cocktails, history about each, and where to go to sample
them if you have two thumbs when it comes to doing things.

Online Scrapbooking

Milhash lets users create online scrapbook with the help of images,clip-arts,photos and wallpapers.

While there are many photo uploading web sites, none of them cater need of scrapbookers. Here comes Milhash. Not only users can upload photos but customize it with filters,style etc.

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Sleep is Awesome

This infographic provides information about sleep. It explains the health risks for not getting enough sleep and the health benefits to sleep. It also provides data for the amount of sleep the average American is getting today.