How Emotions Hurt Our Trading Results and How to Fix It

The biggest difference between professional and beginner traders is what they most focus on. While newcomers put their focus into finding the ultimate strategy to make them rich through trading, seasoned traders know that while strategy is important, the biggest contributor to success is controlling your emotions.

Trading psychology is something that most beginners never even worry about. They think that it’s irrelevant, while their accounts are silently bleeding cash mainly because of uncontrolled emotional behavior. There are many sites that help you come up with a good trading strategy or even copy the strategies of winning traders, but fixing your emotional errors is something that only you can do.

Fortunately there’s an easy fix to the problem. All you need to do is to be mindful of the main emotions that drive bad decisions. Once you are aware of them, it is easier to stop them from influencing your decision making. Emotional control is like a muscle that gets bigger when you train it.

The attached infographic by summaries the 7 main mistakes that emotions cause traders to make. Each of the 7 problems has an easy fix. All you need to do is apply them to the problem and you will see a significant increase in your overall profitability.

Government Employee Loan – Brazil

Find out why in Brazil it is much more advantageous to make a payday loan with a monthly discount on your company’s paycheck than to resort to private banks that have interest rates and large financial losses in use. Loans for public servants of the government, whether federal, state or municipal, have lower interest rates, since there is a presumption that those who work for the government are not fired overnight because of the low risk, companies offer lower interest rates . Another advantage for the creditor institution is that the monthly discount is automatically withdrawn from the employee’s salary, there being no way to “opt” for not paying that month.

Infographic by

The Importance of Product and Service Descriptions

Quality content is crucial to providing useful information to users. This doesn’t just apply to blogs, though, but also product and service descriptions. The more content you can put on your site related to what you’re selling, the better. By providing the visitor with detailed product and service descriptions, you are giving people a better idea of what to expect from your business. Being honest about challenges and mentioning your awards will prove you are the best options, and potential clients will be much more likely to consider you a valuable resource.
Learn more about the importance of product and service descriptions and what you should include in yours to convince consumers to commit to your product or service. You can powerful content yourself, or you can hire a team of digital marketing experts—like those at Locallogy—to do the work for you, ensuring it’s done right.

Best Advertising Options for Small Businesses

Small businesses won’t have much capital to extend to marketing activities but a lot of advertising options are available online. Internet marketing has been a trend and proven effective by many start-up businesses. A creative advertiser just needs to seize opportunities that are just a click away. An infographic from PROSPER Show provides best advertising options for your small business:

1.Make a plan for your tactics.

2.Set up a website. Let them know why you’re existing.

3.Post learning materials through content and videos

4.Be a social networker. Click and Connect.

5.Keep them near you by signing up to email services and attending a meeting of professional groups.

How to Make Your House Flood Resistant

Is it possible to make your house flood resistant? Yes! There are different ways to protect your house from flooding and its after-effects.


First, learn how to water-seal the foundation of your home. Cover up all the cracks to prevent floodwater from getting through. Next, check your home’s drainage system to make sure that nothing blocks the system. Debris, dirt, and leaves may accumulate in the gutter preventing the water to pass through. Since most house insurances do not cover flooding, purchase a flood insurance policy. This will protect you in the event that flooding hits your home. When leaving in a floodplain or low area, elevate your house, your furnace, water heater and electric panels.

8 Interesting Facts About Tires

There’s more to a tire than just a round and black piece of rubber. You probably don’t think much of them but they play an integral part in your driving experience. There are 8 interesting facts about tires that you should know.


First, the original color of the tire is white. It was when they added carbon black to improve the longevity and road wear abrasion. It was Vogue Tyres of Chicago that made the world’s first whitewall tire. It was a result of carbon black tread melted with a zinc white sidewall. Goodyear experimented with an illuminated tire but it wasn’t able to leave the show circuit.

The Importance of Continuing Medical Education

How important is continuing medical education? What are the advantages you can get from the training and programs? CME is a job requirement. You need to get certified in order to continue your practice.


Aside from that, education yourself will help you be on top of your field. Learning the latest technologies and trends in the medical field will give you the knowledge and skills needed in treating your patients. Another reason why you need to get CME programs is that it’s the key to your career advancement. It will help you find new opportunities in your careers like high-paying jobs or salary increases.

Pros and Cons of Shopping Online

Although online shopping makes shopping convenient and easy, there are pros and cons too. The brick and mortar store have fixed shopping hours, unlike e-commerce stores which allow you to shop any time of the day or night. It makes shopping easy for mothers with small children and home-bound consumers.


However, when you shop online you don’t have the opportunity to try or check the product for defects. If the items have defects it’s going to be a bad shopping experience. Aside from that, you have to wait for 24 hours before your questions will be answered unlike in the local store with sales representatives to answer your queries.