7 Tips to Win the War for Millennial Talent

Millennials are considered as very important part of today’s workforce. Why is that? It is true that many employees are trying hard to recruit more millennials. This infographic shows 7 valuable tips to win the war for millennial talent. So, why millennials matter? Millennials became the largest group in the US workforce in 2015 (US Census), and similar changes are occurring in most economies.

Infographic by Recruitment Software


Interesting Facts and Statistics about 2016 American Marathon

This infographic shows interesting statistics about US marathons in 2016. The infographic not only provides information about the marathons across USA but also describes about the participants and their finish times. Top 3 finish times for men and women are illustrated in the infographic and you can compare these with your marathon achievements. In 1885, only 10% of marathon runners were women. In 2015, women made up 44% of marathon participants. Such statistics is provided in the infographic so you better take a look at it.

Infographic by US Marathon statistics


Be Prepared How to Choose the Best Compression Socks for You

Find out how beneficial are compression socks for running and what their advantages for your body are. What to look for when choosing the right compression running socks for you is also explained by this infographic. Next, the infographic shows what these special socks have compared the rest and why more and more runners choose them. Additionally, you will read how to put them on and which are the best three compression running socks models on the market now.

Infographic by Runnerclick’s Infographic on Compression socks


Finding the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Your Hardwood floors are beautiful and expensive addition to your home. To be at their best they need regular cleaning with the right equipment. As hardwood floors have become more popular, a wide range of vacuums have been released. There are many types, from many brands and finding the best vacuum for hardwood floors in your home can be confusing. The wrong one will damage your flooring. Here we look at the 10 things you must have, or avoid when buying yours.

Infographic by Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors


2017 Web Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversions

It’s almost 2017, which means it’s time to take a look at those web design and UX trends we can expect to see on the rise. While most trend reports simply show you what’s coming up, this list was hand-picked to show you only those trends that you can use to your advantage while designing your own site, or for your web design clients. If you use these trends properly, you can expect a healthy increase in conversions, leads and customers.

Infographic by The Deep End Web Consulting


Finding the Right Employment Lawyer

Every year, approximately 150,000 people in the United States are wrongfully terminated. For people in this situation, it is extremely important to contact an employment lawyer to help you protect your rights. In this infographic, we look at some of the major criteria people use when choosing an employment lawyer, how much an employment lawyer should cost, and what people should look for when choosing a lawyer.
This infographic explains how to find the right employment lawyer. It is reported that 45% of US workers observed in the 2011 National Business Ethics Survey were wrongdoing and 65% of those who witnessed wrongdoing reported it.
Furthermore, the infographic describes why people look for an employment lawyer and provides the top 10 reasons including employment law issues and surprise termination.

Infographic by Sattiraju Law Firm