How Technology Can Change the Air Cargo Industry

The Air Cargo industry has become overtly competitive as more and more cargo operators are entering the business. The only way this industry can survive and thrive is by changing its approach to digitalization and by embracing the change wholeheartedly. To
modernize the Air cargo industry, the entire system needs to be upgraded. Air cargo carriers must be using GPS tracking to help customers track the location of their items. By embracing modern technology, it is believed that Air Cargo industry will be able to
enhance operational efficiency and streamline their operation. To learn more, check out the infographic – source.


Problems that Might Affect Your HVAC System and Their Causes

Hot summers and cold winters are unavoidable, meaning that the only solution for keeping temperatures standard throughout the year is the HVAC. Our reliance on these systems comes with its problems, one of them being they tend to wear down quickly. Just like every other appliance, the more heating and cooling equipment are used, the more likely they are to break down. While some problems are easy to fix, some are difficult even to diagnose unless you’re a professional. Here are some of the commonest HVAC problems.

Broken thermostats account for the largest numbers of HVAC problems. When a thermostat is broken, you have to do with unregulated temperatures, and this can easily result in very high energy costs. Another factor that can equally increase your energy bills is when the refrigerant is leaking. In this case, you need a professional to either fix or replace the cooling unit.

If you’re feeling very cold or warm after turning on the HVAC, even after adjusting to normal temperatures, it could be a problem with dampers. These small components are responsible for restricting air flow. Filters can also cause problems in airflow if not fixed properly. These too need to be replaced on a regular basis. You can either do it on your own or call one of the most reliable air con experts in Pretoria on 012 004 1844. You can also visit


Fun Facts and History of Cocktails

Cocktails are a most recent creation of the last 100 years. Mixing
drinks with fruit juices and sweet liquors was probably not
something our great grandparents did. It appears that the
Prohibition in the US spawned the “speak-easy” a place to go to
have banded alcoholic delights. The road traveled by cocktails
has had it ups and downs. During the 1980s, cocktails bloomed
with films starring Tom Cruise and everyone was into the scene.
Then they sort of disappeared for a while. Now they are coming
back, but more on the from an Internet stand-point. There are
now thousands of sites out there showing you how to mix your
favorite cocktails, history about each, and where to go to sample
them if you have two thumbs when it comes to doing things.