How SEO is Changing Business Practices

The old way to increase customer awareness, trigger their interest and make them buy your products had become obsolete. The modern generation doesn’t look up at your boutique but on your websites. This caused the change in the manner you compete in the marketplace. How? Search engine optimization is the key. How? Check on this infographic.


  1. Links used to push your website up the search engine results page.


  1. The keywords are the key to get the top spot of Google.
  2. Article writing and blogging that contain keywords can help your rankings.
  3. Social bookmarking sites were spammed just to keep up with keyword stuffing.
  4. But, the new SEO continued to change your business practices.

Global Piezoelectric Proportional Valve Market is Growing at US$ 1,107.1 Mn During 2017 to 2026

The global piezoelectric proportional valve market was was valued at US$ 651.6 Mn in 2016 and is projected to reach US$ 1,107.1 Mn in 2026 at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2017 to 2026.. The 0–2.0 bar type segment in the global piezoelectric proportional valve market is estimated to account for major revenue share of 43.6% in 2017 owing to factors such as high availability, less energy consumption, and high efficiency and performance levels when compared to conventional/solenoid proportional valves.

Global Aerogel Market: Segmental Snapshot

By type: 0-2.0 bar segment is estimated to register a CAGR of 5.8%, thereby accounting for highest revenue share among all the type segments.

By application: Industrial segment is estimated to register a CAGR of over 5.9%, thereby accounting for highest revenue share among the application segments.

By region: The market in Asia Pacific is expected to reach at a CAGR of over 6.3% between 2017 and 2026.

Global Piezoelectric Proportional Valve Market: Competitive Analysis

The research report on the global piezoelectric proportional valve market includes detailed competitive analysis on major companies such as HOERBIGER Holding AG, Festo AG & Co., DTI Motors, Duplomatic MS S.p.A. P.IVA, PARKER HANNIFIN CORP., ASCO Valve, Inc., and AirCom Pneumatic GmbH.

Infographic by Piezoelectric Proportional Valve Market

The Best Online Training in USA – Qatraininginusa Infographic

QA Training in USA is the leading provider of Online Training Courses based in Alpharetta, GA, USA. We provide training for beginners and advanced level students.

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We offer life-time access to the QA course, unlimited mock interview sessions, and resume preparation sessions.

Our unique features:
• Get in-depth knowledge on QA concepts.
• Live face to face online training classes.
• Best practices from the IT industry.
• Leading industry experts and consultants as instructors.
• Updated curriculum with updated technology.
• Assignments to get practical approach.
• Highest quality subject materials.
• System tests, Test execution examples.
• Mock interviews, group discussions.
• Job placement assistance with resume writing guidance.

qa online training

Dirty Facts of Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is an art and the chemical used during the cleaning process is very dangerous for human health as well as the environment. They are equally bad and harmful for the clothes as well if not controlled properly and handled with care. One of the best examples is the sickly sour and sweet smell coming from the clothes that have just been delivered back to you from your dry cleaners.
The smell means that your clothes were treated properly and underwent a proper dry cleaning process as the smell is not like the smell of any detergent. This sour or sweet smell also indicates that your clothes have passed through a chemical process which is dangerous for the environment.
Dry cleaners use them with due care under a very controlled environment to save both humans and environment. Many people think that the dry cleaning is a simple process and can be done at home.

The History of Gold

Why do people go crazy over gold? They consider it as their most precious possession. What’s in this piece of metal that makes it so valuable? The value of gold isn’t just because of its physical characteristics, but its rich history.


  1. The gold was found in its natural state just how you breathe the air and drink the flowing water.
  2. Gold and its natural beauty are dispersed throughout the world and the people who have it in their lands make a custom out of it.
  3. The gold of Troy that was discovered thousands of years ago was used to build statues and other sacred materials.
  4. Even before it was formed into money or gold coins, people have been mining it because of its physical attributes.

Keto- Diet Infographic

There’s so much buzz about the popular Keto diet. Lot of questions about if and whether the diet actually works and the much anticipated whats and hows. Well, one of the most common reason why people follow this ongoing trend (if we can call it one) is for weight loss or to push their weight loss plateau. So, we thought why not throw some light on this for you. Read on to find out everything that there is to know about Keto Diet. Go ahead and read this article up until the end because this will surely prove to be a handy, go-to guide for you to answer, pretty much, all of your Indian Keto Diet questions.

What to Do During a Flood

Just like the storm having signal numbers, floods have also some categories that would tell the proper preparations that you should do. Some people will neglect a storm with the lowest signal, however; this should not be the case. In any flood category, there are appropriate actions that you should take. See it here in this infographic.


  1. When the flood is minor, you must be informed of the situation of the flood. So, keep your radio or television on for news and updates.
  2. For moderate flooding, the flood water is dangerous and toxic, so it is recommended that you stay at home. Also, be updated by watching updates from broadcasters.
  3. Lowland areas are prone to be covered by the flood water, hence, it is recommended that if you are living in these areas, you act quickly by evacuating earlier.



DIY Kitchen Remodel Tips

For mothers and other individuals who are fond of staying in the kitchen because they like to cook and they simply feel comfortable being in there. However, nobody would like to stay in a kitchen that looks crowded and untidy. Here are some DIY tips for a kitchen remodel.


  1. Hanging cabinets can maximize your kitchen space.
  2. Start installing the cabinets from the center.
  3. Use a tape measure, pencil, and other materials to get the exact position.
  4. Fasten the cabinets well so that it won’t fall easily.
  5. Always check the plumb and levelness of the hanging cabinet
  6. Clamps are used to hold the cabinets together.

5 Minute Gold Forecast for 5 years

Learn Everything you need to invest in Gold in 5 minutes: Gold forecast next 5 years? Gold prices could come under pressure from improving global economics and the rising tide of cryptocurrency. The comex gold outlook calls for rising prices over the holiday trading week but we say watch out for resistance at key technical levels.

Infographic by Infographic gold forecast next 5 years

8 Fun Facts About Solar Lights

The popularity of outdoor solar lights owes it to the fact that they are not difficult to install, they don’t come with cables or messy wires so you don’t have to dig up your yard to have the system set up and they are affordable. Also, these fixtures are electric shock risk free, have no emissions, work on purely solar energy and cost nothing to maintain and run.

There are a lot of outdoor solar light options for you so no matter what function you need them for, you are sure to find the best fixtures.

Infographic by website