Carol Cline Potty Training in 3 Days Chapter by Chapter Summary

The Potty Training in 3 Days package includes an e-book as well as video and audio versions (for the parent on the go (in other words, all parents!)). Free potty training charts and personal support from Carol Cline are included as well. Take a look at the chapter by chapter synopsis below:

Infographic by Carol Cline start potty training

10 Steps to Build Your Brand on Amazon

No matter how effective Amazon is, you are just a dot among so many sellers. Your goal is to be noticed by your potential customers among the crowd of competition.  The best way is to make your brand more known than others. This infographic shows some of best strategies you can take advantage of to become an effective Amazon sales manager.


  1. Choose the product that has good rankings or always favoured by customers.
  2. Get an efficient forwarding company that can deliver the product efficiently.
  3. Get to know
  4. Get your samples for initial inspection
  5. You can use free sites to create your logo.

Managing Brand Equity

Are you an Amazon sales manager? Does your brand create a good response on the customers whenever they hear it? Or you are just one of the unknown brands diving quietly in the pool of competition? Get ahead of yourself by understanding techniques on how to manage your brand equity.


  1. Your brand is associated with value.
  2. The brand has some symbolic representation whether it is a status symbol or exclusivity.
  3. It can be easily recalled by the customer and all other products included in the portfolio.
  4. Create positive brand image through brand valuations that are essential for the business.
  5. Always guard your sales and analyze the trends.

Black Incarceration Rates Compared to Whites

This Infographic shows the disparity between black inmates compared to white inmates when it comes to the judicial system in the United States. Even though blacks are only 13 percent of US population as compared to 63 percent whites, black males go to jail at 5 times the rate of white males. Blacks make up 35 percent of jail inmates, and 37 percent of prison inmates of the 2.2 million male inmates. Black women are 3 times more likely to be incarcerated than a white women for the same crime. Blacks are 65.4 percent more likely to be sentenced to life without parole compared to whites which is only at 17.8 percent and also get 20 percent longer sentences in federal prison for the same crime. In this easy to read comparison, you can see the clear differences and work that needs to be done to fix our judicial system.

Infographic by black incarceration rate

11 Fun Festive Christmas Decoration Ideas- Infographic

For everyone Christmas is the most awaited time of the year. Christmas is that time of the year when everybody is full of excitement and festive feel. This infographic which is designed by the team at Choice Furniture Superstore describes 11 Fun & Festive Christmas Decoration Ideas that can help you in adding beauty to a home on the Christmas. It also explains different methods to add a Christmas cheer to your home within your budget. Adorning a home for Christmas is everybody’s desire. But budget is always the main concern. Everyone can use these budget friendly ideas and embellish their home. Add splendour to your home by using these pocket friendly ideas.

Know the significance of Indian import data

Companies in India which are engaged in the field of import and export should go through the Indian Import Data to remain updated with the present market scenario. It is essential to gather vital details about those products which are to be bought into India and from the Indian Import Data it is likely to understand all essential information. Importers are also able to get essential evidence about the consignment data for importing of goods. To get more details of IMPORT DATA visit or call us on 1141325515 our team will surly respond you

Common Lawn Sprinkler System Failures

There are a great number of irrigation system failures which often go undetected and can cause brown patches in your lawn. Thirsty Turf Lawn Sprinklers promises excellent care for those that own lawn sprinkler systems, as they provide comprehensive seasonal maintenance packages for residential and commercial properties.Visit here:-

Facts About Teen Sexting infographic

Sexting is now a popular way to get intimate with your partner. With an advancement of communication devices, sexting has become even more enjoyable. We have researched for some facts and prepared an interesting info graphic that will give you brief details about what teen boys and girls are thinking about sexting. Check it out our latest info graphic on Teen sexting Facts by FlingTextChat.

8 Tips to Successfully Brush Kids’ Teeth

A child will initiate to brush his teeth on his own if he enjoyed doing it. The motivation should come from the parents. For the first few times you introduced to them the toothbrush, they would definitely hate it but this infographic can guide you through making them learn brushing it on their own.


  1. Be a storyteller. Instil the negative effects of not brushing their teeth.
  2. Make it fun like a family activity. Play or make a game while brushing your teeth.
  3. Buy your props and show them how the plaques ruin their teeth.
  4. Ask them to brush in front of the mirror, so they can see the movements of the brush inside their mouth.