Why Should You Become A Philanthropist?

Despite today’s age of advanced technology that improves lives, there are still many world crises that require our attention. From poverty to climate change, environmental pollution to victims of war, these issues need to be noticed because it doesn’t just have an effect on those who are directly involved. These problems concern the entire human race, and if we don’t act upon it, there will be severe consequences in the future. But what does it take to become a philanthropist? Is being a philanthropist enough? What is the requirement to be an effective philanthropist?
The key ingredient in being an effective philanthropist is having respect for others and not just for one’s self. As a child, I grew up in a small community where everyone knew everyone in the neighborhood. Playing with the children’s neighbors put perspective into my childhood because not only did I make friends who I can play with, I also understood that my family is just like the other families living in the neighborhood.

Infographic by Alvin Thien Philanthropist

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