What to Do During a Flood

Just like the storm having signal numbers, floods have also some categories that would tell the proper preparations that you should do. Some people will neglect a storm with the lowest signal, however; this should not be the case. In any flood category, there are appropriate actions that you should take. See it here in this infographic.


  1. When the flood is minor, you must be informed of the situation of the flood. So, keep your radio or television on for news and updates.
  2. For moderate flooding, the flood water is dangerous and toxic, so it is recommended that you stay at home. Also, be updated by watching updates from broadcasters.
  3. Lowland areas are prone to be covered by the flood water, hence, it is recommended that if you are living in these areas, you act quickly by evacuating earlier.


source: https://www.disastercompany.com/what-to-do-during-a-flood-infographic/