What are the Different Types of Personal Protective Equipment?

Workplace safety is one of the most important things that is mandatorily followed by many businesses, such as those in the oil, manufacturing, and construction industry. In the past recent years, there has been an increase in workplace injuries and fatalities which prompted many companies to invest in safety equipment and systems.

In labor-intensive environments, or in any other type of workplace conditions where employees are exposed to a wide variety of hazards, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are deployed to ensure that employees will still be able to do their job effectively without compromising their safety.

PPE can include items such as respirators and masks, helmets, gloves, goggles, earplugs and earmuffs, safety footwear, reflective clothing, and safety harnesses. In certain conditions, disposable PPE may be provided as well, such as single-use coveralls.

Learn more about the different types of personal protective equipment in this infographic from Progressive Safety Equipment Sdn Bhd.

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