Top 6 Car Window Tinting Myths

Car window tinting is currently a common occurrence to millions of Americans thanks to the multitudes of benefits present with using them. Car window tints not only keep both heat and UV radiation from the car but also strengthen the car’s windows and make it look cooler.

Even if millions of Americans benefit from car window tints, a lot of people still believe in many myths related to window tinting. Believing in these myths, however, would keep people from enjoying the tinted car’s benefits.

Some people think that car window tints only improve the car’s looks, that it is illegal, that they eventually bubble out, that the car’s resale value goes down, that the windows become unbreakable, and that anyone can apply tints even without professionals.

A car’s window tint would only bubble out and reduce the vehicle’s value if people use low-quality tints, and if they apply the tints without a professional’s help.

To know about the details of such myths, see Global Tint’s infographic here.

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