The Value of Above the Line Behaviour in the Workplace

Building a business is not a natural process to do, many factors will affect the current status of your company like training your employees, balancing your sales, and everything that needs to keep your operations going. Excelling in the different areas where you can be professional with your job is an achievement, but, achieving your goals on your task with the right attitude is the best. A way to cultivate the right attitude among organisations is the concept of “Above and Below the Line” behaviour. This concept can help you evaluate your employees on how they respond to adverse circumstances and work obligations and help them develop their attitude and mindset towards work.

There are different personalities present in the workplace, determining if they are above the line or below seems to be a difficult task for managers, but did you know that learning one’s reaction to negativity depicts if they are above or below the line of behaviour? To more about the different values and how can you manage to cultivate these in your workplace, kindly check the infographic below created by Sparkle Training.