The Top 10 Logo Fails

What makes a great logo? The answers have been covered many times over, and eventually boil down to the one common phrase: quality trumps everything. And conversely, this is where a lot of logos start to go wrong. Compromises are made in one or more ways, whether it’s money or lack of vision – or even a severe amount of self-belief when someone doesn’t have the talent to back it up!
Our infographic gives a great overview of the most common issues that are found when logos move from greatness into complete and utter failure. Whether it’s a very poor choice of graphics, poor font use, color schemes that just don’t work, or overenthusiastic design skills – we cover them all and let you quickly see the top 10 logo failures in recent memory.
Look out for the surprise additions; we’re not taking the easy route and looking for smutty or inappropriate images. No, we delve deeper into graphic design failures as a whole.

Infographic by Top 10 Logo Fails