The Hateful Seven – The Most Energy Hungry Devices in Your Home

Let’s be honest – nobody likes to pay high electricity bills. However, most of us consider it a sad duty to part with a few dozens bucks each month and hand it over to the local authorities.

Unless you decide to live like a hermit in a remote cave, there is no way you’re gonna get away with not paying any bills whatsoever. The good news is that you can still significantly reduce them by implementing a few relatively simple measures.

Have you watched the 2006 Quentin Tarantino’s movie “The Hateful Eight”? We are yet to see if the newest western from one of Hollywood’s favorite directors expected to be released this year will rival its predecessor. What’s for sure though is that those hateful eight characters who appeared there were not a particularly friendly bunch. The same goes for specific types of appliances in your household. When not used properly or overused – they can be really nasty in terms of their power consumption.

We present you with “The Hateful Seven” – the most energy consuming devices in your home. If you don’t get a grip on them, they will quickly add up to your monthly financial damage. Learn which ones are these and what you can do about to minimise their power consumption in this infographic.

Infographic by Generator Advisor