The Evolution of Amazon

Like any other successful companies, Amazon too, has come a long way. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, thought of selling books in a more efficient way. This desire led to the creation of Amazon. And as years passed, he realized that he can sell almost everything once he understands his customers’ preferences. So he started acquiring information about his customers. As a result, he had expanded Amazon into a giant e-commerce site, selling various items.


Amazon, indeed, is a great example of an effective conglomerate, having the ability to understand what people want and take advantage of its resources and location. Books, for example, started because many people wanted them. Selling books was a great starter because they’re easy to carry and pack. Plus, Amazon’s office was situated near a major book distributor. Genius!

Want to know more about Amazon? Here’s an infographic presented by Buy Box Experts. It features Amazon’s evolution.