No matter who your customer is, they are always somewhere along the journey of the Buying Cycle. What better way to visualize what your customer is experiencing at each of these stages than through the beer-purchasing process?

Knowing what your customer’s pain is at each stage of the cycle, and addressing that pain as a helpful guide, is key to getting results. For example, you could provide informative content such as a helpful how-to blog article promoted through social media for those in the “Emptiness” stage who are simply gathering information. However for those in the “Deciding” stage, you can create a landing page on your website that outlines how your product/service not only solves your customer’s pain but delivers them to the place they want to be, with a clear call to action (and does it all better than your competitors).

As an Orlando marketing agency specializing in CreativeDigital and Social marketing services, we’ve had the pleasure of helping small businesses to larger companies across multiple industries hone in on their ideal audience with the right message, in the right place, and at the right moments in the Buying Cycle. Is your marketing under-performing? Whether you need to make some tweaks or need a complete overhaul, our team can help.