The Best Tips for Corona virus (COVID-19)

The corona virus is similar to other flu-infected diseases. The virus will not do any harm if it is not intimidated, but with a little awareness.

Corona virus treatment:

  • The virus has not yet been discovered, so there is a way to prevent it from spreading
  • Covering mouth while coughing cough
  • Do not mix with a cold or flu infected person
  • Do not touch wild animals or livestock empty-handed
  • The meat eggs cooked very well
  • Face masks can be used
  • Drinking lots of fruit garlic water
  • After coughing, the patient should wash his hands after drying.
  • wash hands after toileting
  • wash hands after touching the feces or animal feces
  • Wash hands before and after preparing meals and dishes.
  • Do not wash hands, face or nose to touch
  • Occasionally wash hands with soap-water or sanitize
  • fluids to reduce the risk of dehydration
  • medication to reduce a fever
  • supplemental oxygen in more severe cases
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