Small Kitchen Remodel Tips

A kitchen space the size of a closet is suffocating enough to imagine. What more if you’re moving around with all the pots and pans scattered everywhere unarranged? To avoid that, it is essential to make use of all the spaces and at the same time leaving enough space to move comfortably. Make the most out of your cabinets and counter space. Use these tip and tricks from Washington State Kitchen & Bath for your kitchen upgrade and remodeling mission.


  1.  Moveable Bar
  2. Tiny Cabinets
  3. Pot Rack
  4. Tall Table
  5. Open Shelving
  6. Classic Black and White Flair
  7. Stove-Side Dining
  8. Counter-Side Dining
  9. Brilliant Use of Light
  10. Cozy Cooking Space