Short and Long-Term Effects of Roof Neglect

Since it is the component of the home that gets the daily beating from the scorching heat and torrential rainstorm, our roofing really needs time attention. The strong heat from the sun, non-stop rain, and weight from snow buildup all over your roof can instantly affect its durability and lifespan. However, even with all these facts, some homeowners still neglects the idea of roof checking and replacement.

These negative practice can cause short or even long term adverse effects in your primary shelter. Furthermore, complications such as direct exposure on the burning heat of the sun, weak house foundation due to the rain pouring inside of your home these and many more dilemma can happen with weak and defective roofing due to inadequate maintenance of your roofing.

Our home is our main sanctuary, where we should feel safe and secured. But, how can we be secure if we don’t ensure the strength of our own home, as we happen to ignore its needs?

As the homeowner, we should know the essential things and practices on how we can keep our home safe and stable through our years of staying, or else you’ll likely to suffer from the following effects of your negligence as detailed in this infographic from Fahey Roofing Contractors.