Secrets to Become a Top Amazon Seller

Online selling, particularly on, has become a common business venture nowadays. Almost everyone is into it as it’s a great way to earn money on the side, or even full-time. Why not? But despite the fact that anyone can learn to sell on Amazon, the competition makes it really challenging. How can you stand out? How to attract customers on a daily basis? How to make your customers stick with you? And so on.


Here’s an infographic presented by Buy Box Experts. It talks about the secrets on how to become a top Amazon seller:


  1. Choose products suited for your situation.
  2. Whatever happens, always follow Amazon’s rules and guidelines.
  3. Become an Amazon featured merchant (yes, it’s possible).
  4. Take advantages of seller central reports.
  5. Prep for the Holidays.
  6. Play with Amazon’s simple marketing opportunities.
  7. Package and label with care.
  8. Don’t stick with your pricing strategy; be flexible.
  9. Utilize the right fulfillment service.