Benefits of GPS for Businesses

Vehicle Tracking systems offer countless benefits for businesses with a vehicle fleet. GPS devices allow business owners and manager to track the location of people, unpowered assets, vehicles and even cargos. In addition to tracking the location of moving objects, these systems provide exceptional business intelligence such as; fuel consumption, driver behaviour and vehicle condition. Businesses who opt. in to integrating GPS solutions are proven to see a ROI in as little as 6 months.

Why is My Room So Dusty? (And How to Grapple with It)

If you wonder, “Why is my room so dusty?”, don’t be sad, since we know the root of this problem and ways to get rid of it.

You only spend time at home during the mornings and nights? You try keeping everything on its places, yet dust, mess, and unnecessary things tend to somehow appear in your room? It is a common issue faced by busy people who try being tidy but their rooms get dusty as if by magic. We decided to help you deal with this trouble and share some useful tips on how to grapple with dirtiness.

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The Four Machine Learning Models Imperative for Business Transformation

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are undoubtedly some of the most advanced technologies available today. While the hype and promise surrounding them is unmistakable, there are still many questions about how organizations can leverage technology to drive business outcomes and have actual impacts on the bottom line.

Mapping the App Development Journey – From Idea to Prototyping

We have published infographic ” Mapping the App Development Journey – From Idea to Prototyping ” that will answer all your questions.

It covers lots of interesting points like “evaluating app idea”, “protect your app “, “mobile app development process” and adding “turn wireframes in to prototypes “.

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4 Consequences of Poor Customer Services

Customer buying decisions is a significant aspect that businesses must always consider. Customer service is the link that compels people to buy products and services. Sometimes, it is not just because your product is needed but also because your front liners go beyond the mile when they are providing services to your customers. This infographic provides answers as to how poor customer service can affect your business. First and foremost, no customer trusts in company with a damaged reputation. Secondly, a company that is not preferred by the customers tends to have low sales resulting in an inability to provide employee motivation such as financial rewards. More of these reasons as found in this infographic will force you to have an effective system for customer service.


3 Tips to Avoid Long-Term Amazon FBA Storage Fees

Inventory is an asset but when it stays in your storage for few months or years which means that your inventory turnover is low, it will become a liability more than something that is useful for the company. Such concept also applies in Amazon storage areas. Keeping your items there will mean that your storage fee will keep on increasing. This does not make a profit for your business. Hence, this infographic will help you avoid such long term fees. It provides efficient and effective ways to plan your inventory. It requires thorough planning by analyzing sales data and inventory turnover. More inventory planning strategies are found in this infographic.

4 Reasons Why Getting Up Earlier Doesn’t Make You More Productive

Getting up early (sometimes extremely early) has become synonymous with being highly productive. This is especially true among entrepreneurs, freelancers and productivity enthusiasts. Sleep less, work more. That’s hustle. That’s how you gain success. Unfortunately, scientific studies show that the opposite may be true…

Getting up early may give you extra hours in the day, but the negative effects of sleep deprivation can barely be understated. If you’re sleep deprived, even just slightly, will you be able to get more productivity out of those extra hours?

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5 Herbs that will change your life for the better

Life can be hacked to relieve stress, depression, fatigue, or health problems. Since time immemorial, people have used herbs to help one harmonize the body and induce physical and mental well-being. In today’s hectic times, it is particularly appropriate to go back to these old recipes and use this natural medicines to your advantage.

Therefore, we would like to introduce you to five herbs that can help you increase your satisfaction in five areas of life:

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6 Effective Tips For Beginners To Rank Higher On Google

Are you trying to figure out how to rank your website higher on Google ranking? Are you new to the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

If you are a beginner in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and wants to rank higher on Google, then it’s not an easy task to do so. First of all, you must know about all the basic things about SEO.

To rank higher on Google, it takes lot of efforts, hard work, creativity level, word power and many more things.

So, if you want to know about how to rank your website higher on Google ranking, you should have a deep knowledge about SEO. There are certain rules and regulations to optimize your website and provide the best quality content to the users. Specially, it is a very challenging task for the SEO beginners to rank higher on Google.

Thus, in this blog I will put spotlight on some major tips for the beginners to rank higher on Google

Everything You Should Know About Power Cords – Guide

When you have so many options to choose your power cords, it can be overwhelming sometimes. While you are looking to buy it for a particular application, it is important to have a basic understanding. This infographic will give you a 360 view of power cords and its applications. Looking to buy a suitable power cord? Here is all you need to know.

Awesome Stats About Remote Work

Remote work is increasingly popular – the remote workforce has grown by 140% since 2005! Now, can you imagine what will happen within the next 15 years? Technology advancements are allowing us to hire people from anywhere in the world and work with them every day.
In this infographic, you won’t see your usual remote work statistics. We decided to take a different road and offer you some insights about remote workforce which might surprise you. Take a look and find out more about how distributed teams behave, what are their aspirations and how many women are there in remote teams.

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5 Security Risks for Small Businesses

Most small businesses today largely use the internet to make transactions whether it is within or outside the boundary of a certain country. However, because of tax security measures, they have been the target of many scammers who access company information illegally. If you don’t have the money to finance security software, being vigilant to malware, watching for phishing emails, setting wrong passwords, using multi-factor authentication and screening new employees and contractors carefully could be an efficient and effective starting point. This infographic provides details of these security strategies. These are simple and easy to do steps but have been proven effective by many small businesses.


5 Fire Prevention Tips for Seniors

Fire burns things fast and it can happen in a minute or so. If you are old and ailing, moving fast is not an option. That is why casualties in fire incidents include older people. If you are alone in your house, follow safety procedures so that fire incidents will be avoided. It includes unplugging kitchen appliances, checking electricity outlets, turning off heaters and lights. Doing these things is necessary because overheating appliances has been one of the major causes of fire incidents. Therefore, following the tips in this infographic may prevent such a catastrophic incident that can affect not just your own house but also of your neighbors.