Muscle Building Tips

Muscle building takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and sacrifice. That’s the truth. There’s no shortcut, no easy road. So if you really want it and you’re willing to pay the price, sooner or later you’ll reap the results. Just be consistent with your training. Endure and don’t give up easily. To help you, here are some muscle building tips:


  1. Do compound exercises.
  2. Improve your strength (but not drastically).
  3. Thirty to sixty minutes after lifting weights, eat your biggest meal.
  4. Don’t forget to balance your upper body.
  5. Don’t train like advanced lifters. Focus on basic compound lifts.
  6. Do squats and deadlifts.
  7. Study and learn proper form.
  8. Balance your upper body.
  9. Don’t think that muscle building is rocket surgery.
  10. Avoid fatigue. But aim to get strong.


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