Let’s Go Shopping for Power Tools

Power tools have become a huge and growing industry in America and are used regularly by construction workers, carpenters, and mill workers.  The Do-It-Yourself market is where the real growth has been in recent years.  Go to any home improvement center today and you will find aisle after aisle of what seems like an endless supply of power tools.  There is now a power tools for almost anything that you can think of doing (almost like there is an app for that).  Some of the most popular, high-quality brands on the market today are Dewalt, Bosch, Makita, and Milwaukee.  

The mix of who buys power tools has also been changing.  It the past it was mostly men who were the main purchasers.  Now with new designs that make many tools more streamlined and lighter, women are starting to show their independence by fixing those things around the house as well.  To learn more about the author of this infographic, please visit International Tool.