Instructions that help you Setup Sbcglobal IMAP/ POP Email Settings

AT&T despite getting the ownership of SBCglobal email didn’t make changes to the brand name of the email, which was part of the company’s strategy. In this blog, we discussing how to setup Sbcglobal IMAP/ POP Email Settings on your desktop. AT&T believed that changing the name of SBCglobal to something else would add to the confusion among the people, plus many prospective customers may not subscribe to the email service. Therefore, ATT went with the same name, and the move worked for the company. As we know that SBCGlobal email is one of the most convenient and reliable mail servers from where you can receive and send your important files, attachments, pictures, etc. With that, the process of creating an account on SBCglobal email concludes. If you have an SBCglobal email login account, then you should be signing into your account instead of creating an account.