How to Turn Your Car Into an Eco-Friendly Vehicle

One of the biggest worldwide threats in this age has nothing to do with diplomatic and political relations between nations, economical hierarchy, and even terrorism and strife. Climate change and global warming affects every country, every nation, regardless of what else is happening all around the world, and this is concerning as it is destroying nature, and at large, the very planet we are living in. As such, nations have treated it as a high-alert threat and has since made efforts to change the lifestyles that are only exacerbating the problem further.

Multiple studies on the causes of climate change and global warming have found that carbon emissions from machines and vehicles is one of the biggest factors that negatively affect the environment. Because of this, car manufacturers have developed hybrid and electric cars — vehicles that do not run on burning fuel, and thus, are not pumping out carbon through its exhaust system.

However, not all car owners have the lifestyle to make the switch, let alone afford to replace their vehicle with one. This, fortunately, isn’t the only way to become an eco-friendlier car owner.

Here are nine proven ways to make your car more eco-friendly regardless of its make, model, or year — as presented by this infographic by Global Tint UK.