How to Transform your Home Bathroom into a Hotel Bathroom

It may sound a little far fetch, but it’s actually possible to have that kind of bathroom right at the comfort of your home. These are some of tA bathroom’s appearance can influence the way of how you define your own home. While it can be one of the least ideal topics to talk about, guests usually tend to have a long-lasting impression on the personality of their hosts just by using the bathroom alone. A poorly-maintained-looking bathroom can be a sure sign of an irresponsible and lazy owner.

In case that you already realized that it might be a perfect time to give that old bathroom of yours a total makeover, the first thing to do is to have a rough idea about what a typical good-looking bathroom should look like. And yes – if you guessed it right, you’re probably thinking about hotel bathrooms, the paragon of a beautiful restroom!

he tips in turning your home bathroom into an elegant hotel bathroom:

    • Invest in high quality, fancy towels
    • Installing the right type of bathroom lighting
    • Use organic decorations such as plants
  • Replace the walls and countertops with marble materials

To know more about those tips, check out this infographic brought to you by Luxury Commercial Bath.