How to Overcome Driving Anxiety

Driving is a task that people often take for granted. However, some people are particularly attuned to the dangers and risks associated with driving. These people often feel overwhelming anxiety when they think about being in control of a vehicle. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous or scared when you’re operating something as large and potentially deadly as a car. In fact, more of us should feel more aware of the dangers! Many of us don’t stop to consider how a small mistake can result in the injury or death of ourselves, our passenger, or someone in another vehicle. However, unless you live in a place where public transportation is easily accessible and it takes you exactly where you need to do, being able to drive is a necessity. Overcoming your anxiety often comes down to building confidence and familiarizing yourself with the routes you travel and the maneuvers that you will commonly need to make. This infographic offers some tips and advice for any new driver who struggles with the thought of driving.