How to Build a Bug Out Bag Emergency Survival Kit

With our world in disarray, people are constantly searching for ways to feel more prepared and secure should a disaster happen. People are spending thousands of dollars on pre-made “bug out bags,” which are backpacks with emergency survival tools to use in the event of a disaster. However, they could save hundreds or thousands of dollars by assembling these tools and items themselves, plus benefit from tailoring the kit to their own specific needs and tastes. This useful, hand-illustrated infographic will help guide you and your viewers to building one of these kits yourself. It divides what you need into 10 different categories: water, food, clothing/shelter, fire, first aid, tools, lighting, communication, protection/self defense, and miscellaneous. Plus, it is sourced from expert advice. With this handy infographic, viewers can tailor their bug out bag to their own unique needs and tastes, based on their geographic location, skill set, and personal needs. Although no one can predict what lies ahead, you’ll definitely sleep more soundly at night knowing that you have the tools you’ll need in the event of a disaster or emergency.


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