How Plumbing was done in the Past

The construction of drainage systems started way back during the early civilization. People had to find ways of bringing clean water to their doorstep and discard waste water. Even though the pipes used were a pale shadow of what we have today, they served their purpose. In fact, they set the foundation for the complex systems available today.
Back in 2700 B.C. at a small village in the Indus river valley in India, the inhabitants made use of clay and chopped straws to make pipes. This was the first introduction of indoor plumbing. The inhabitants of that region used plumbing for comfort and to make their life easier. Toilets were a luxury owned only by the wealthy. The rest of the population used urns sump pots.
Unfortunately, the small gains in plumbing were dealt a big blow in the years 700 – 1500 A.D. For close to 1,000 years after the fall of Rome, sanitization and plumbing regressed. There were disease outbreaks all over. It is usually regarded as “the dark ages of plumbing and hygiene”
In order to curb the problem, experts had to get to work and come up with efficient systems. It came in 1596 in the form of a modern flushing toilet. The man behind the invention was one Sir John Harrington, a godson of Queen Elizabeth. Due to lack of sewage plumbing at the time, the toilet had to wait a few years before being put to use.
After the flushing toilet, it was now time to come up with better models and designs. For instance, in 1910, the elevated water tanks were done away with. In their place came the closed toilet tank and bowl. Fast forward to 1986 and the Japanese took the world by surprise when they introduced the first sensor flushing toilet.
As the years go by, the drainage systems are getting more convenient, efficient and safer. From the piping, taps, faucets, showers, all the way to the toilets. As a consumer, you wouldn’t want to be left behind. We are here to provide all the help you may need on matters regarding plumbing. Our pipe experts Auckland are the best in the industry. They understand the history and are always keeping abreast with new trends. We are the masters when it comes to plumbing installations, repairs and maintenance services. Free quotations are available on our website at You can also call and consult with one of our experienced pipefitter on 09 886 2825.

Infographic by plumbers Auckland