How Much Do Braces Cost

It is no secret that the way our teeth look affect how people may perceive us. But that’s not all. It is now known that having straight teeth is not only important for our attractiveness and self-esteem but for our overall health as well. ¬†Straight teeth mean healthier teeth. Crooked teeth are harder to clean effectively, that leads to tooth decay and gum disease. Gum disease may lead to other chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, dementia and more. So how you get straight teeth? Most likely you will need braces. Many people get scared when they hear they will require braces since those are a serious financial expense. And that is true. Braces are not cheap. But the price range will vary greatly based on your specific dental problem and the type of braces you will require. Braces may cause you 1500$ but those may also cause you 13000$. The following infographic shows the different price ranges you can expect to get for each type of braces.

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